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OseTechf: Let's not forget that Tony Blair who's now pushing for digital passports is a war criminal and belongs behind bars for the genocide in Iraq. This monster needs to be called out for murdering over a million Iraqis each time he enters a room, the amount of blood on this guy's hands

NinaBrooke8: Why Princess Diana really snubbed Elton John months before her death.

Konsas_City_Mab: Tony Blair beginning to resemble The Crypt Keeper, which is nice

thedreadvampy: It literally obsesses me that at this point Labour's ENTIRE pitch for existing is "hey remember that brief patch in the 90s when everyone loved Tony Blair? Why aren't you voting for us????"

chriseshair4u: Lee Anderson vs Steve Bray Round Eight

ian4downton: I still can't fathom how Tony Blair found room for Corbyn but Starmer can't. It's not as if Corbyn's views have changed in 30 odd years. What seems politically expedient now could become a media circus at election time if he stands as an independent. Mixed feelings.

Sillyshib: I voted for Neil Kinnock I voted for Tony Blair I voted for Gordon Brown I voted for Ed Miliband I voted for Jeremy Corbyn (twice) I will vote for Keir Starmer See? It isn't hard

Andgam13862434: Blair Bethune Tony Jeremy Toby Raleign Joseph Bess

Shenaz10: Tony Blair, was knighted for his role in Iraq… that too is hypocrisy.

NEOintheMCR: I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Tony Blair is throwing a Masonic 'V' sign on the main page of his website He's just a well-meaning guy who pushes obsessively for mandatory digital ID... Totally not Satanic at all...

MineheadFisher: If you are the party of law and order, why then is Tony Blair, a war criminal, not in jail? Perhaps you are only sometimes the party of law and order. That being when it suits you. You are, to put it politely, a dishonest person.

mbinghamlive: We used to try and eliminate homelessness in this country under people like Tony Blair. We didn't send them to jail for being poor.

JamesMelville: Bill Gates, Tony Blair and Klaus Schwab should be absolutely nowhere near any form of influence within governments. They are unelected messiah complex technocrats who use virtue as a smokescreen for power, wealth and greed.

tars75: I do wish that Apsana had knocked just a few doors here in NW Durham...neither Tony Blair nor the Referendum were the number one "against" reason, much as Laura Pidcock wishes that were the case...

ToryFibs: Tony Blair lost 4 million voters. When is he getting turfed out? Or like all Sturmer logic is it only applied selectively to Jeremy Corbyn.

Ian_Flaming: Three little words that sum up what's wrong with UK's honours system: Sir Tony Blair

edin_sfl: Still waiting on the ICC warrant for the arrest of Tony Blair…

Scozia13: Prince Andrew Hosted JP Morgan at Buckingham Palace 2013 Lavish Evening was laid on by the Duke Jamie Dimon Currently embroiled in the Virgin Islands Jeffrey Epstein Trial along with Barcleys Bank Jes Staley attended with Tony Blair and David Mayhew I'll Let you add the dots

johnale26114429: Tony Blair to blame as sharia law promoting was his idea ps run by Jack Straw

pissedboomer: "Court (ICC) issues an arrest warrant for Russia President Vladimir Putin while Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Barack Obama, responsible for horrific crimes against humanity and literally millions of deaths..."

GrahamWarwick9: Iraq War Crimes: Tony Blair Should Be In Prison NOT Julian Assange

HalimaNyomi: Shabana Mahmood will lose the next election After Tony Blair the Labour Muslim vote was lost and it went to the Lib Dem’s Corbyn brought the Muslim vote back to the Party. Muslim Labour MPs are no different to the Tory ones - they are the Munafiqun enabling a Blairite govt.

PaulKirkwood4: By this ‘logic’ Anas, Gordon Brown would have had no mandate when he took over as PM from Tony Blair half way through a British Parliamentary term - have you sort of engaged your brain and thought about this properly before you tweeted then?;-)

markcurtis30: One of the key reasons the UK political and media establishment mounted its biggest ever propaganda campaign during 2015-19.

SpaceCadetStu: Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie saved £312,000 in stamp duty when buying a £6.45m London townhouse by buying an offshore company which owned the house.

IanGreenwood6: ‘In 2015 Mr Blair said he wouldn't want Labour to win on a left-wing platform “even if I thought it was the route to victory”. …. No Tory would

redwoodser: "Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Barack Obama, responsible for horrific crimes against humanity and literally millions of deaths combined in Serbia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria, walk around as free individuals."

StopCityAirport: In 2015, he donated £2.1m to a foundation run by Tony Blair. The former prime minister later wrote him a letter of recommendation as part of Guo's application to buy a penthouse of an exclusive Manhattan apartment building - the same apartment that FBI agents raided this month.

AndreLe54503442: Fact is 98% of the electorate could care less. These same electors were more interested in sports scores in 2002 as they are today. Facts like there were no WMD found and that Tony Blair and George Bush lied while occupying the country for 20 years are lost on them. reblog.

Britain_People: POLL SHOULD Tony Blair should have his knighthood rescinded? RETWEET if you want Blair to give evidence to the International Criminal Court.

_Eric_Reinhart: In 2002, Thatcher was asked for her greatest achievement. "Tony Blair and New Labour,” she replied. For Reagan, it’s clear that it is Obama and the thoroughly neoliberal gang he assembled that’s still marching on their privatization+police crusade against public systems.

Agitate4Change: ‘Thatcherites are safe to come home to Starmer's Labour Party’ - John McTernan; adviser to Tony Blair.

Agitate4Change: "I always thought my job was to build on some of the things that she had done, rather than reverse them." Tony Blair admitting that he's a Thatcherite.

Over50sC: Leading wicket-takers for Australia in O50Is: Steve Gollan: 32 at 19.00 Tim Sargent: 26 at 23.54 (pic) Tony Clark: 19 at 28.32 Greg Briggs: 14 at 17.57 Bill Blair: 14 at 20.43

NWACHINEKEIPOB: ICC hypocrisy stinks. Issuing arrest warrant on Putin is laughable while the likes of Tony Blair, Obama, Bush et al walk freely. EFF Julius Malema: Putin is welcome in South Africa.

Kofi_Mensahgh: When will the ICC issue arrest warrants for war criminals like G.W. Bush, Tony Blair, and Barack Obama for illegally invading and bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia, etc., and slaughtering millions of innocent people?

MajimajiKenya: As ICC issued arrest warrant for President Putin for war crimes, people started asking for warrants for G.W. Bush, Tony Blair & Barack Obama for illegally invading and bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia, etc., which saw innocent people die. Are they justified?

Talk_isSocial: ICC Charges Putin With War Crimes While US and Israeli Leaders Enjoy Impunity

fairlyinactive: Tony Blair admits partial blame about the illegal war, but continues to have involvement in ME affairs

StephenGlahn: George W. Bush and Tony Blair should be indicted as war criminals just as Putin was. Just saying-

happyjack1981: Mornin’! I was 19 and they gave me this big gun and told me to shoot ppl. Especially Iraqis. Even tho they’d done nothing wrong. He’s a proper Kunt that Tony Blair. He’s a war criminal.

electpoliticsuk: NEW: Polling expert Sir John Curtice has said the next general election “definitely could” be a 1997 level landslide for Labour. In 1997, Tony Blair won 418 seats and a majority of 179.

SickSide3: This is when Tony Blair and George Bush found the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq Who knew it was gold bars??

therealmissjo: One of the greatest lies perpetrated in my memory. The “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq” lie. And it was by a Republican. And the UK Labour leader, Tony Blair. Not by Putin or Russia. Or North Korea or China. And we are supposed to be the good guys? I think not.

ArisyiArdhana: Blair Bethune Tony Jeremy Toby Raleign Joseph Bess

ding3rs: and the unchanging inevitability of the outcome from the term’s outset. Third parties accordingly received small, meaningful boosts; acutely the Lib Dems and leftist third parties benefitted. In general the book highlights how Tony Blair fundamentally restructured the (4/)

TheSunFootball: I was Tony Blair's favourite Premier League player but now I’m a COP – I spend my days solving crimes & catching crooks

heathenstanley: Tony Blair - a man with a history of cross-dressing and cruising- spends his life obsessing about identity cards A man who is confused about his own identity insisting every citizen have a written card clearly defining theirs The psychology is fascinating

bandaydaputtar: Worth watching on why Tony Blair should be in a dock at the Hague - 20 years of the War on Iraq

Shah_Fahad_786: Forgot Former Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair

HousewifePolish: The Tories betrayed two of their most outstanding and electorally successful leaders. They admire Tony Blair more than Mrs Thatcher and the EU more than the UK. What a pathetic, self indulgent spectacle they have become.

jacobin: Twenty years ago, George W. Bush and Tony Blair lied their way into invading Iraq. The mainstream media cheered them along.

PaulWhelan745: Tories refected ID cards from Tony Blair and introduce them selectively now to influence voting. For pete's sake, wake up, folks. Wake up.

davidjrosenberg: Famously when Mrs Thatch was asked to name her greatest achievement, she said Tony Blair. She won’t know it now but she’s just become a sort of grandmother.

neilsalmon2: Do you think Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Alistair Campbell should be sent to The Hague?

danieldaviesRPL: Well done to Tony and his team for getting the new VictoriaQuarterCommunity Store open. It’s vital to have a convenience store on the high street, especially as we don’t have a bus service. Older & disabled residents have been struggling while it has been closed to get the basics

caitoz: Time-traveling Kremlin agent Tony Blair went back to 2008 to say the *COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED* invasion of Ukraine was actually pretty provoked.

mjdaly57: Was it Peter Mandelson or Tony Blair who advised Starmer to endorse Thatcher in his speech today?

medialens: 'I was writing on these pages back then, arguing that the case George W Bush and Tony Blair were making for war did not add up.' Such hypocrisy. Freedland was one of the first journalists to sell the case for attacking Iraq. Read this from November 2001:

StevieB09074258: Boris Johnson and the Tony Blair Defence.

ErdmuteD: Nadine Dorries has prevented me from replying to her tweet that Tony Blair was let off the hook regarding the Iraq war.I would urge her to remember the Chilcott enquiry which did not exonerate him,& which went on for days, not just 3 hours

DailyMailUK: Ex-Tony Blair spinner Alastair Campbell branded 'sick' after Boris Johnson Covid jibe

karma44921039: Tony "THE MURDERER " Blair

paulhutcheon: When Tony Blair left office levels of child and pensioner poverty had plummeted

NileGardiner: Alastair Campbell is a disgrace. One of the nastiest political figures in modern British history. Campbell branded 'sick' and 'beyond help' by Tories after he questions how ill Boris Johnson was when he caught Covid and spent 3 days in intensive care.

kennardmatt: NATO mentality. In 2008, Tony Blair said privately Russia needed to be made a "little desperate". This should be done via NATO "activities in what Russia considers its sphere of interest and along its actual borders." Russia, Blair said, "had to be sown with seeds of confusion."

EuanYours: If that was Tony Blair’s ‘legacy’ why was it all undone in less than 5 years?

ElcSwe1: Tony Blair out here looking like a white walker because being a war criminal will age u

OlooneyJohn: How is Tony Blair not rotting in a prison cell ? It beggars belief - until you look at Westminster as an entity and realise there must be a portal directly to hell underneath it

SenatorJordon: It’s time for John Howard, George W. Bush and Tony Blair to face the International Criminal Court and answer for the illegal war they started.

mjdaly57: The three major players in the Labour Party today are Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Keir Starmer. The arrogant war criminal, the Dark Lord of big money and corruption, and the DPP who made sure Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles de Menezes and Julian Assange never received justice.

RayN195: I fully agree . Along with Bush. Tony Blair should face war crimes tribunal over Iraq war, says Hans Blix

PhilipH21343285: Today the Great Man Boris has to defend eating a piece of Cake in front of a Biased Committee led by Harriet H who has already stated that he is guilty, while all these others got away with it. Why has Tony Blair never had to face such a committee for the Iraq War? Shameful

karma44921039: 28th May 2012 Protester bursts in on former priminnister tony Blair. Something the man said had Blair clearly rattled. Started sweating and desperate to speak and defend himself

MSNBC: WATCH: Former U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix says former President George W. Bush and PM Tony Blair should have faced an international war crimes court over their actions in Iraq, 20 years ago.

ajamubaraka: Never forget March 20th when twenty years ago the criminals from the U.S. attacked Iraq. We must also never forget March 19th 2011 when the U.S. & NATO attacked & destroyed Libya. Yet Tony Blair, George W & Barack Obama are walking around free from international accountability.

elirasta009: IRAQ WAR CTIMES !! Tony Blair should be in prison NOT Julian Assange !!!!

MSNBC: WATCH: Former U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix says former President George W. Bush and PM Tony Blair should have faced an international war crimes court over their actions in Iraq, 20 years ago.

mynnoj: "Hello HMRC? Uh yeah, Spitting Image was a £9m loss. No I was surprised as well. Something about the cost of cleaning the Tony Blair puppet."

shayesherlock: Tony Blair faced no Iraq War charges, yet Boris Johnson faces the privileges committee for looking at cake, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

TheThe1776: Iraq War Crimes: Tony Blair Should Be In Prison NOT Julian Assange. 20 Years On: What kind of world rewards war criminals & imprisons those who tell the truth? Lindsey German on the Legacy of the Iraq War. It wasn’t only Tony Blair who lied to his people, but George W. Bush was…

Selzer_David: All the warnings in the world couldn’t stop the Iraq war, or Tony Blair | Diane Abbott

ricwe123: Interview with Hans Blix, former UN weapons inspector. "Are you saying you would have liked to see a George Bush, a Tony Blair, put in front of The Hague like any other person...accused of committing war crimes?" Hans Blix: "I think, in principle, yes"

HackneyAbbott: 'Don’t Iraqi women weep when their children die?' asked Tony Benn. But that couldn’t stop the war or Blair | Diane Abbott

GBNEWS: '20 years since the Iraq war yesterday John do you feel like we've had an apology from Tony Blair?' 'What is there to apologise for... liberating Iraq?' Tony Blair's former Director of Political Operations, John McTernan, says the Iraq war was a 'just war.'

AaronBastani: Should Tony Blair stand trial at The Hague for his decision to invade Iraq? And does our political conversation really acknowledge what happened in our name? From last week’s show.

Frank_A_Quiller: Today's Poll: Are Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell war criminals?

OborneTweets: I wrote this book seven years go. It proves that Tony Blair misled parliament and the British people to make the case for the illegal invasion of Iraq:

AkanKwaku: Listening to Iraqis and military personnel describe Iraq, and then I think, Tony Fcuking Blair was given the highest knighthood honour. What the hell kind of message does that send?! Seriously! Western leaders are out of control!

motomatters: 20 years ago today George W Bush and Tony Blair started the illegal invasion of Iraq, which they lied their way into. Saddam Hussein was an evil tyrant, but the war kicked off a chain of events which made the world a more dangerous place.

declassifiedUK: POLL -- It's obvious that in a fair world the International Criminal Court would indict Tony Blair over war crimes in Iraq. But do you think his communications chief at the time, Alastair Campbell, should also be indicted for his role? Pls RT after voting.

BTLF1: 8 Trillion was spent on the Iraq war over a 20 year period Do you think Tony Blair and Alister Campbell had an indirect slice of that ?

73806ad7aecd444: Your war own it !Tony Blair .

G1910090398: Remember the Labour party's deliberate fiendish lies? I do. The 'Shock and Awe' which killed 600,000, destabilized a whole region the consequences of which are still with us today. Still no ICC warrants. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, still free men, still not summoned to the Hague.

Lowkey0nline: After resigning as PM, Tony Blair was employed as an advisor to the oil company UI Energy. During the same period, UI Energy acquired three Iraqi oilfields.

GraphicW5: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that Vladimir Putin cannot use the example of Iraq to justify the war in Ukraine. I fully agree with Mr. Blair, for even a broken clock shows the correct time twice a day. Putin cannot use the example of Iraq, because the invasion of…

MrSugden2: Remember when Labour MP Zara Sultana blamed the Tories for the Iraq invasion? It was only when it was pointed out that Tony Blair was PM that she went quiet.

dwilliam9940: Blatantly lied and lying still! Off to the Hague with him! Tony Blair defends Iraq war — RT World News

kunenephindz: George W Bush, Colin Powell, Tony Blair and many others have never been held accountable for destroying an entire country. They flattened Baghdad under false pretenses. The stinking hypocrisy of bourgeois internationalism!

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