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JDHughes4: The Johnson government is the first Blairite Tory government. Johnson is, in many ways, Tony Blair dressed up as a Tory. Or was Blair Johnson, dressed up as a socialist?

jpjanson: Should Tony Blair be given a knighthood? Please RT for wider response.

ncambirwa: Mbeki:" Tony Blair said to the British Armed Forces Chief, you must work out a military plan to remove Mugabe. We were also pressured to cooperate in a Regime Change Scheme. We said No. Why is it a British responsibility to decide who leads Zimbabwe?"

StormySturgeon: I once asked Tony Blair why he was looking out of a window that didn't have bars.

tweetz789: The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.- Tony Blair

ChannelUK1: Tony Blair ruined Scotland with a rushed and botched devolution giveaway. Surely Blair and Brown never intended to disempower Scottish Labour and render their own party unelectable.

membacatwit: Tony Blair’s New Labour?

mliedts: Have a lot of time for Fareed Zakaria and his GPS show but not when he invites war criminal Tony Blair to talk about war criminal Putin

AliAlbrecht5: In his first six years in office, Blair ordered troops into combat five times more than any other prime minister in British history. Iraq in both 1998 and 2003, Kosovo 1999, Sierra Leone 2000 and Afghanistan 2001. Tony Blair is a War Criminal. And New Labour's Shame.

BankRoss2: Is this Tony Blair?

mikelovestweets: told of Tony Blair visiting the hairdressers. To the barber’s horror he realised the PM was dead in his chair. He had snipped through the wire to his earpiece. He reconnected it and heard Alastair Campbell’s voice saying “breathe in, breathe out, breathe in…”

flufan: What a joke this guy is. Has he really never experienced what it’s like to live under a Labour administration (Tony Blair excepted)?

Lij_Osman: "The decision of Two men (George bush & Tony blair to launch a wholly unjustified brutal invasion of Iraq....

damian_from: This is the difference between Jeremy Corbyn and people like Tony Blair and Keir Starmer. Jeremy Corbyn asks what can I do for the Labour Party? Tony Blair and Keir Starmer ask what can Labour do for me? That is the difference between them.

maryam_skits: George Bush and Tony Blair lied that Saddam Hussein has weapon of mass destruction just to invade Iraq. After they destroyed the country and captured Saddam Hussein who was consequently executed, Bush said "We do not know whether or not (Iraq) has nuclear weapon." (²/7)

GroomB: Northerner of the Day: Tony Blair (b. 1953), one of Labour's most electorally successful yet controversial prime ministers, was born in Edinburgh, but spent eight years as a child in Durham and was MP for Sedgefield for 24 years. 1/9

DougJBalloon: Opinion | The archbishop of San Francisco is right: Politicians who violate the church’s teachings on things like abortion, divorce, and wars of aggression should be denied communion. by Tony Blair and Newt Gingrich

xabinoble: i forget how it's not socially acceptable to have a funny tony blair themed phone until i'm surrounded by middle aged people

WeaverTheRed: "Tony Blair is Bill Clinton in drag" - Michael Parenti

anuglybeauty: Tony Blair, Zionist, war monger, pathological liar, mass murderer, fraudster, embezzler, friend of Epstein, still roams free.

btharris93: Reminder that we haven't AVOID DEFEAT (let alone win) at Man City since George W Bush and Tony Blair were in power. Absurd record. Hate City so much.

paulm19822012: Must you? I'm no fan of the current Tory crop either but I do not want Labour in office and I refuse to vote Labour because of Tony Blair and the lies of weapons of mass destruction, and now is not the time for an election or confidence vote

CTVLondon: The United Kingdom's former prime minister Tony Blair says Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine is an 'act of madness.'

Erudite4Unity: Veteran US politician Nancy Pelosi echoes John Major and Tony Blair by shrieking her opposition to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the ROI and insisting the GFA must be respected. No offence, Nancy, but it's absolutely none of your business so kindly stay out of it.

monarchdreams40: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

MarkGBblog: Tony Blair emerges from Lockdown as Vigo the Carpathian. Probably a suggestion from the Black Pope during last week's ritual offering to Moloch.

Taliefero: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

keithbuford69: One of the wildest things from the 2000's that's never talked about is how much Tony Blair looks like the English version of George W Bush

bill_minix: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

jacobin: Tony Blair and New Labour consolidated the economic policies of Thatcherism and fostered deep cynicism about politics through their lies about Iraq. The crisis of the last decade and its potentially ruinous consequences are their legacy to modern Britain.

shinjisquadbot: george bush tony blair gay bar

Catmartstephens: The ‘Tony Blair’ chef Gets rich on capitalism Then becomes a sofa socialist Where’s the next band wagon!?

sreerani5: The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes. —Tony Blair GASHMEER AS CHATRAPATISAMBHAJI

damian_from: Jeremy Corbyn was a more popular Labour leader than Tony Blair. The average number of votes Corbyn won at general elections is higher than Tony Blair's average.

damian_from: Jeremy Corbyn won Labour a larger share of the vote in England than Tony Blair. For some reason it seems to really trigger centrists whenever I state that fact.

edpearce080759: On May 20, 2000 Tony Blair became the first sitting UK Prime Minister in over 150 years to father a child when his wife Cherie gave birth to their youngest son Leo.

SirRickAndrews: Reminder: Kate 'supports Fox Hunting' Hoey was part of Tony Blair's Government - the same Government that wrote and signed the GFA. If only she had actually read or understood it too...

nwo_to: Would love to see all Tony Blair's transactions!

leighkeystone: I should value my 1982 Grade 1 CSE in English Literature higher than a modern degree in Psychology from one of Tony Blair's new universities. My cousin has such a degree and I know for a fact that she'd never be able to get a good old fasioned grade 1 CSE in any subject.

22views_: What Does John Prescott Think Of Tony Blair?

andrewlowdon1: Tony Blair's old flatmate..

trapdoor456: You talking about you partner in war crime, Tony "Cottaging" Blair, again...?

DrBrexit: An interesting interview, in which the latest Lib Dem candidate (Tiv&Hon) previously boasted of his lack of political engagement, didn't want a Trade Minister to do his job, and seemed to think Tony Blair was a Conservative.

NZLP55_66: Jacinda cut her political teeth in the office of the very successful British PM Tony Blair. Her leadership qualities are impeccable as proven how she handle the Covid-19 pandemic & saved many lives in the process. She is a world political leader no Nats comes close to.

BrookBayPirate: Why should the plebs have any sympathy for Tony Blair’s politicised Civil Service?

LeslieH24367191: Boris shames Labour's 'semi-repentant Corbynista loons' risking UK's defence against Putin

j25994646: Boris shames Labour's 'semi-repentant Corbynista loons' risking UK's defence against Putin

grodaeu: Finally putting George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair et al in jail would go a long way towards being able to form an interernational rule based order.

mybromleytweets: Were you aware? Article 61 was invoked on the 23rd March 2001 according to English constitutional protocol by the Baron's committee, after Tony Blair signed the treaty of nice, giving all our powers away to foreign lands, everyone needs to take the oath of allegiance! TODAY

JingoSinghh: God knows how George Bush/Tony Blair didn’t go to Prison for the Iraq War. Tony was actually a good PM, but he ruined his legacy over Oil.

brendaebr58: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

richardcalhoun: The rot started with the election of Tony Blair. The BofE was given the wrong mandate when it was granted its operational autonomy: it had to focus almost exclusively on consumer price inflation, rather than asset prices or financial stability. Soon house prices started to surge!

harrisonlowman: "This myth that Putin perpetrates that we were somehow always trying to push him and humiliate Russia. Russia's problem is not the result of our humiliation of Russian, it's the result of bad government in Russia." - Tony Blair

Mad_Pieman: Fulfilling its mandate promise. I blame Tony Blair he knew he could not bind the hands of future governments

Ejderha77: Truth always has a way of coming out! So sad, and people laughing it off. This guy and Tony Blair are war criminals.

chilledasad100: Tony Blair must be fuming that he doesn’t even get a mention in George Bush’s “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq — I mean of Ukraine."

ErnestoSeman: "The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq... I mean of Ukraine." If Bush has been Tony Blair's unconscious, Bush's Freudian slips are...?

GreensladeGL: Tony Blair's first Prime Minister's Questions: 21 May 1997. Compare the crispness of Blair with the current incumbent and weep.

LandNoli: Thabo Mbeki: Tony Blair said to the British Armed Forces Chief, you must work out a military plan to remove Mugabe We were also pressured to cooperate in a Regime Change Scheme. We said No Why is it a British responsibility to decide who leads Zimbabwe? Let Zimbabweans decide

pueblopatriota: They "missed" to add Bill Clinton,Tony Blair,George W Bush,Dick Cheney,Javier Solana,Wesley Clark,Hillary Clinton,Barack Obama...

leighkeystone: I reckon a Tony Blair degree from a new university is the equivalent to a few grade 2 and 3 CSEs in old money. That's what you call inflation LABOUR style.

AZmilitary1: ‼️The European Parliament voted for the creation of an international military tribunal against Russia‼️ They "missed" to add Bill Clinton,Tony Blair,George W Bush,Dick Cheney,Javier Solana,Wesley Clark,Hillary Clinton,Barack Obama

HyderAbbasi: *Laughs in Tony Blair*

pkracism: I gotta say it's something else that Tony Blair and GWB can't even show their face in public because their reputations were destroyed by the Iraq War but John Howard basically got off completely scot-free lmao

HelenHoosn: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

haddock_harry: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

FrancoIwas: Oof...And I Mean OOF

NonRadix: He and Tony Blair should be in The Hague, and they are the ones who have helped make international relations a byword for "1st World Imperialism" whether anyone of us wanted or not.

kwilliam111: Should Tony Blair be put on trial for war crimes?

TheRealPro7: You are selling Zambia to the EU, that's the benefit of taking advice from Tony Blair. You are one of those blacks that should never have existed.

marion1_alice: How do you feel about The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change 'to make globalism work for the many'? Do you believe Blair is a philanthropist, or is he another elite/globalist/green/woke hiding-behind yet another so-called non-profit?

DrBruceScott: Weapons of mass destruction....quick get Tony Blair

NewsRn77: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

AfricaMoneyDefi: Read more on what he discussed at the leading tech event in Africa here:

WeirdCrossovers: Steve Aoki, Tony Blair and Liam Payne

josiahmortimer: Crossrail got the green light under Tony Blair's Labour government, with the law passing under Gordon Brown...working with Labour mayor Ken Livingstone

RustyWelbeck1: Tony Blair has ties to a Pro-China lobbyist group. The London based 48 Group Club.

d2syr: When Tony Blair negotiated the Good Friday Agreement he was seen by all parties as an Honest Broker Boris Johnson is not trusted by any of the parties involved in the Northern Ireland Protocol What a difference

STWuk: "Tony Blair should be heading to The Hague, instead on 13 June he will be heading to the castle at Windsor where he will be knighted by the Queen."

_dougmister: Tony Blair changed treason laws so no government official can be tried for treason because they're all conspiring against their own citizens through WEF, WHO, UNFCCC, UN, EU & NATO. These organisations need stopped before we can do nothing about them, if its not to late already!

damian_from: Your daily reminder that Tony Blair supported Vladimir Putin and Jeremy Corbyn has consistently opposed Vladimir Putin. For some reason it severely triggers Blairites whenever I issue that reminder.

NiallWarry: Inaccurate and cheap and I think you'll find Tony Blair the last successful Labour leader is now super-rich.

BHPanimalwatch: Just wait until some idiot puts up a statue of Tony Blair.

hpc0409: Remember when Tony Blair put a D-notice on parliament They can’t help themselves can they ….


vogon: the two political tendencies in crypto are web3 as in "third way" and web3 as in "third position"

BanFoolish: 5/x Interestingly, in the years after his 1998 paper was published, only 1 in 4 British news stories about the MMR vaccine causing autism mentioned Wakefield, while 1 in 3 asked if the Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, immunized his infant son, Leo, with the MMR vaccine.

NeilMackay: The SNP demanded the release of secret legal advice from Tony Blair’s govt over the Iraq war, and from Theresa May’s govt over Brexit. So it’s hypocrisy of the worst kind for the SNP to refuse to release its own secret legal advice over a second referendum

HEADLlNE: ⚡️|NEW: Tony Blair and Bill Gates urge UK Government to join the WHO Pandemic Pact.

TheRealPro7: Tony Blair has an Institute for Global Change named after himself. In April 2022 his institute produce this report calling for the West&USA to frustrate Russia and stop any partnerships between western companies and Russia lest they cement Soviet era ties.

GrumpyYetAmusin: Ardern's govt are really conducting a masterclass in how to take an unprecedented level of popularity and absolutely kick it in the teeth. They're going to out do Tony Blair for shattering faith in the Centre Left's ability to have a spine.

fleetstreetfox: In Opposition, Tony Blair had voted for compensation for the test veterans. As PM, he said there was no evidence they needed it.

AngelaW70903357: Tony Blair on Putin interview live with Zachary-USA

MyVideosToWatch: Tony Blair (the war expert?) on How Russia’s War Will Change the World: A New York Times V...

benslife22: You like FPTP when Tony Blair got elected, funny how you don’t like it now after people remember labour bankrupting the country again and you can’t get elected for love nor money

Stallulah2: There could not be a better description of Bill than this “Bill Gates seems to have more of a god complex than Bono & Tony Blair put together.” Even this he could probably persuade himself is an achievement.

iconsarttruth: An interesting interview with UK former PM Tony Blair Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

George_W_Bush_: (discussing decline of French economy with British Prime Minister Tony Blair) The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur.

BillVillayne: Bono smirking next to Tony Blair while making the "peace" sign but it's actually a metaphor for the state of rock music.

DeborahBWaldro2: Tony Blair explains what he thinks changed Putin

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