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Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Insulting the Public? Authors: Peter J. Anderson, Tony Weymouth
Publisher: Routledge
Published Date: 2014-09-25
Categories: History
Insulting the Public? examines the way in which the European Union and issues relating to it are represented to the public. Combining theoretical and empirical research, the text explores and provides an assessment of the performance of the British Press in its representation of the European Union in the period immediately preceding the General Election of 1997 and during the British presidency of the Union from January to June 1998.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Socialisms: Old and New Authors: Tony Wright
Publisher: Routledge
Published Date: 2006-06-19
Categories: Political Science
This is a revised and updated edition of Tony Wright's critically acclaimed work that first appeared a decade ago. It provides a lucid and accesible survey of the major strands of socialist thinking right up to the present day and includes an assessment of the renewal of socialism in Britain. It is an indispensable text for students and a stimulating guide to socialism past and present. But it is also a book with an argument. Tony Wright makes the case for a socialism that learns the lessons of its own history, roots itself in an ethic of community and applies traditional values in new ways. It is a book for everyone who wants to understand where socialism has come from - and where it might still be going.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Church and Academy in Harmony Authors: Tony Blair
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Published Date: 2010-08-01
Categories: Religion
Why do church leaders and the leaders of their institutions of higher learning seem to speak different languages? Why are relationships between church and academy so filled with tension and misunderstanding? This insightful and provocative volume, written by one with leadership experience in both camps, explains those dynamics. Tony Blair parses the cultural and theological trends that have created this gap in recent decades and notes how those same patterns yet offer hope for the future. Blair delineates five models of more collaborative relationships between church and academy, three of which are drawn from the creative positioning of existing institutions that serve as case studies, and two of which describe the academy of the future. For church and university leaders alike, as well as all those who care about the relationship of these two essential institutions in the fulfillment of God's kingdom, Church and Academy in Harmony offers a readable and intelligent analysis.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Blair Adams Authors: Tony Aued
Publisher: Author House
Published Date: 2006-09-15
Categories: Fiction
Blair Adams returned to California from her husband's funeral in Pennsylvania. Hunter Adams was part of the Army's Special Forces, and he had been killed by a sniper in Iraq. Blair returned home only to find an FBI agent, Allisa Jones, asking questions about Hunter's time in Iraq. Blair soon found out that not only was the FBI interested in what Hunter may have found on his last mission, but a terrorist group had broken into her apartment searching for documents that Hunter may have discovered. Forced together and suspicious of each other, Allisa and Blair forged a bond to solve the mystery. The chase leads them from California to New York and a search for The Package.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book A Ministry of Enthusiasm Authors: Tony Blair
Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)
Published Date: 2003-03-20
Categories: Business & Economics
A critical and deeply informed survey of the brave new world of UK Higher Education emerging from government cuts and market-driven reforms.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Not Fit to be Prime Minister? Authors: Tony Blair, John Humphrys, Ken Coates
Published Date: 2005
Categories: Iraq War, 2003-
British Prime Minister Tony Blair is interviewed by John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4 (Sept. 29, 2004).

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Understanding Political Ideas and Movements Authors: Kevin Harrison, Tony Boyd
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Published Date: 2003-12-05
Categories: Political Science
Underpinned by the work of major thinkers such as Marx, Locke, Weber, Hobbes and Foucault, the first half of the book looks at political concepts including: the state and sovereignty; the nation; democracy; representation and legitimacy; freedom; equiality and rights; obligation; and citizenship. There is also a specific chapter which addresses the role of ideology in the shaping of politics and society. The second half of the book addresses traditional theoretical subjects such as socialism, Marxism and nationalism, before moving on to more contemporary movements such as environmentalism, ecologism and feminism.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Poverty, Welfare and the Disciplinary State Authors: Chris Jones, Tony Novak
Publisher: Routledge
Published Date: 2012-10-12
Categories: Medical
A forward-looking appraisal of the welfare state which examines issues such as poverty in Britain, demonisation of the poor in areas of social policy and other related topics.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book New Britain Authors: Tony Blair
Publisher: Basic Books
Published Date: 2004-04-09
Categories: History
New Britain presents Tony Blair on all the major debates of British public life: from nationalized health care to crime prevention, from the welfare state to monetary policy, from religion to family values, from individualism to isolationism, from taxation to trade unions, from NATO to Northern Ireland, from community rebirth to economic growth. After seventeen years of Conservative Party rule under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, a change in Great Britain's leadership appears imminent. In Blair's Stakeholder Nation, government works in partnership with private and voluntary sectors to harness the pawer of the market to serve the public interest. In New Britain, we read in Blair's own articulate words how to improve the standard of living of all Britain's families; how to base a new social order on merit, commitment, and inclusion; how to decentralize British institutions of political power; and how to expand Britain's leadership in foreign affairs.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Our Common Interest Authors: Commission for Africa
Published Date: 2005
Categories: Africa
Report of the Commission for Africa launched by Tony Blair in 2004

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book MediKidz Explain HIV Authors: Kim Chilman-Blair, Tony Lee
Published Date: 2012
Categories: HIV (Viruses)
The Medikidz range of graphic novels explains childhood illness in a way that is imaginative, engaging and easy to understand. This book looks at HIV.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Hitchens Vs. Blair Authors: Christopher Hitchens, Tony Blair
Publisher: House of Anansi
Published Date: 2011
Categories: Religion
Presents the text of a debate between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and British intellectual Christopher Hitchens about the role and influence of religion in the modern world.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Postwar Authors: Tony Judt
Publisher: Penguin
Published Date: 2006-09-05
Categories: History
Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize Winner of the Council on Foreign Relations Arthur Ross Book Award One of the New York Times' Ten Best Books of the Year Almost a decade in the making, this much-anticipated grand history of postwar Europe from one of the world's most esteemed historians and intellectuals is a singular achievement. Postwar is the first modern history that covers all of Europe, both east and west, drawing on research in six languages to sweep readers through thirty-four nations and sixty years of political and cultural change-all in one integrated, enthralling narrative. Both intellectually ambitious and compelling to read, thrilling in its scope and delightful in its small details, Postwar is a rare joy.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Reappraisals Authors: Tony Judt
Publisher: Random House
Published Date: 2009-05-27
Categories: History
In Reappraisals award-winning historian Tony Judt argues that we have entered an 'age of forgetting', where we have set aside our immediate past before we could even begin to make sense of it. We have lost touch with generations of international policy debate, social thought and public-spirited social activism - and no longer even know how to discuss such concepts - and have forgotten the role once played by intellectuals in debating, transmitting and defending the ideas that shaped their time. Reappraisals is a road map back to the historical sense we urgently need. A masterful collection of essays, it examines the tragedy of twentieth-century Europe by way of thought-provoking pieces on Hannah Arendt, Edward Said, Albert Camus and Henry Kissinger amongst others.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book British Politics: A Very Short Introduction Authors: Anthony Wright
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published Date: 2013-05-30
Categories: Law
An interpretative essay on the British political system looks at the key characteristics and ideas of the British tradition, explores what makes British politics distinctive, and considers how the system continues to evolve.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book The Benn Diaries Authors: Tony Benn
Publisher: Random House
Published Date: 2017-03-23
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Tony Benn was one of the twentieth century's most charismatic politicians. The Benn Diaries, kept for almost seventy years, are a uniquely authoritative, fascinating and readable record of the political life of our times. This single-volume edition is the selected highlights of the complete diaries from Tony's schooldays in the 1940s until he ceased keeping a record of his day-to-day thoughts in 2009. The narrative starts with Tony as a schoolboy and takes the reader through his experience as a trainee pilot during the war, his tentative first days as a backbencher in Atlee's post-war government, through his battle to remain in the Commons after the death of his father. From cabinet posts and leadership battles, through election highs ands lows to becoming a retired widower. Tony Benn was a consistently radical voice campaigning for the causes he was passionate about. This volume is the definitive legacy of the best political diarist of our times.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Let Us Face the Future Authors: Tony Blair
Published Date: 1995
Categories: Great Britain
The text of a lecture given in 1995 by the Leader of the Opposition of the Labour Party in the UK. The lecture, celebrating the Labour election victory of 1945, explores the lessons to be learnt from 1945 and also how socialist values continue to be encompassed within the creed of New Labour.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Is New Labour Working? Authors: Tony Blair
Published Date: 1999
Categories: Environmental policy
This pamphlet, with its title echoes of an old conservative Party jibe (1979), sets out, through the words of seven Government ministers, to show what the Labour Government's plans are for the final two years of its first term and how they can be justified. Seven commentators respond.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Socialism Authors: Tony Blair
Published Date: 1994
Categories: Socialism
In this pamphlet, Tony Blair asks: what does ethical socialism, the new buzz-phrase of the Left, mean? Why has Labour been out of power for so long? How can it win again?

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book The Blair Necessities Authors: Tony Blair, Iain Dale
Publisher: Robson Books Limited
Published Date: 1997
Categories: History
Dale goes behind the smile to reveal the character and political beliefs of 'Phoney Tony' - former lead singer of the Ugly Rumours, husband of hot shot barrister Cherie Booth, and the youngest British Prime Minister this century

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Tony Blair in His Own Words Authors: Tony Blair
Publisher: Politicos Pub
Published Date: 2004
Categories: Political Science
This collection of speeches, letters and articles from the early 1980s to the present day gives an insight into Blair's political journey. It includes the pro-modernisation speech he give in Australia in 1992 and his appearance at the Women's Institute where he was booed off stage.

Tony Blair Books, Tony Blair poetry book Leading the Way Authors: Tony Blair
Publisher: Institute for Public Policy Research
Published Date: 1998
Categories: Local government
"Tony Blair argues that clear and strong leadership should be at the heart of local government's new role. Councils should accept the challenge to modernise so that they can play a full part in the government's commitment to build a fairer, more decent society."--Page 4 of cover.

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