One cold evening as I left home
On a bike, set to cross the river Benue.
We were in the middle of the bridge, At about 18:25
Then I saw bats scattered and flying high all over the sky.
By counting, they were more than the population of Nigeria.
In their huge numbers they went in groups.
Some faced North Bank, the others Otukpo road.
On reaching wurukum round about,
I discovered some headed gboko road.
I was tired and couldn't see well because I just crossed the red sea, sorry river Benue.
But I do remember the rest headed savannah round about.
In their groups they drew a compass line,
Indicating the west side and east side.
Then the north to the south.
Damn! If it were day light the whole of Benue would have seen them throwing mocking faces at her.

I was scared but questioned one of the bat that fly close to me.
Me:Where are you all coming from?
The Bat: we are from the Benue people's house. Your govt. Care alot about us, and have built good apartmen t's for the bat nation. We have our breakfast, lunch, and Dinner all in the expenses of the state account before setting out to have fun with our families every day.
The bat added, your govt. Is very generous, I know you can see how well built up we all are. But I wonder why you humans here are so skinny.
I couldn't say a word and I left wondering why Benue State Housed and feed bats, huge in numbers, more than the population of Nigeria.