ghetto boy
I wasn't born of a rich father
For he was just but a hunter.
And he left no riches for me to dwell on.
But I got family who cares so I glow.

Ghetto boy
You can call me an adopted child
I have a golden father
He most high.
His kingdom can't be compared
With that of earthly kings.
He is great
Wisdom dweleth with him
And kings run to him to be wise
Talk of king Solomon i and the like.
So despite the hardship
I am golden
With a golden spoon

Ghetto boy
I am sorry, but I mean not to harm your pen.
And it's okay, cuz severally, I have been misunderstood.
Ghetto boy
I am born raised and brought up in the ghetto
Felt the pains of being rejected for being me.
Never have I had all that my heart yearns for
Just life, and man in his search will never be satisfied till the end of time.

Ghetto boy
Wishing to be me is like
Wishing to be on the side of the river
Where as you know not what lies to wait for you
So just be you and greatful, for some wish to be like you too.

Ghetto boy
We all have a past that hurts
And wish to make amends.
I hurt and have been hurts.
My soul is check mate in the act
And now it's only hardstare in my eyes
Ain't no love and it why I struggle to break out of the life of misery.

Ghetto boy
Ain't nothing special about me
Am only human
And I take my self to no high esteem
Except the hand above plant me there
You are I are one kind
With pen and paper
We will go places
The reward will come when we least expect.

Ghetto boy
Look deep and you will see light at the end of the tunnel,
No more pains
For redemption is near
Wipe your last tears drop and be sober..

Ghetto boy
I only see change
But it begins with you and I.
If you are Lion
Then let's be Lions and dwell in the love of one family
We are one!!!