I seat and fantasize
You and I as one
And the feelings we could share.
Daily I wish to hold you here
Close in my arms and feel your warmth
Mixed with sweet healing fragrance

So many times
I fantasize memories of you
Here by my side
To listen to my heart beat
As we chill speechless
Allowing our souls to revel
In the ecstasy of love

So many times
I wish my dearest one
You were here
To tell me;
Timmy, I am here to stay
Here to fill the empty part of you
Here to drive out the demons
Here to let the star within
Rise and shine in brilliance
Here to acknowledge your errors
To caution,
And see to your change

So many times
I see you as wifey
Leading the kids to welcome daddy
I fantasize you as my sun rise
And offered a hand for lasting love
But you turned it down
And left with thoughts of nothing to lose

Today I wake a lone
And sober man
To see that
You are a night mare
A shadow I kept on chasing
But never to catch up because
I am nothing compared to the man of your dreams

So many times
I was but a fool
Thinking you will be mine
Life forever!