Lost Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It all started in secondary school daysA
When they first metB
Between love and booksC
It was their words against their teachersD
Slipping love letters to each otherE
Became a routineF
Promising together for everE
His lines in every piece held her hopes highG
years laterE
They were done with secondary school daysA
While one thinks of furtheringH
The other thought of the opposite for promises she pictured soonI
Much time they had and spent togetherE
In the pleasure of their desires they groan in satisfactionJ
And as they lay silent arms stock into oneJ
She said calmly when are you taken me awayK
To be one with you and awake daily in your warmthL
I don t know yet baby he respondedM
Insinuating for a future to pursueN
Before settling downO
You know there is much to marriage than just marryingH
I still have to make moneyP
To be able to take care of you and our kidsQ
But you know I love you so much and to spend a lifetime with you I wouldn t mind he addedR
To this she saidS
I am tired of all your words sweet as honeyP
Yet not enough to cure me of the bitterness of lonelinessT
I am tired of this actU
Tired of tasting this fruit meant for mums and dadsV
And until we are ready never shall we eat of it againW
Slamming the door behind she left annoyedX
Days after he made attempts to draw closeY
By inviting her overE
But she turned him downO
Scared of the outcome if she visitsZ
For with him she barely resists his charmsA2
He not given up kept callingH
Just spare me a minute he pleadedR
You know I miss you come over let s talkB2
He left messagesC2
Until she succumbs and they schedule a dateD2
On the D day family errands came callingH
In haste she left forgetting her phone at homeE2
To return later in the evening to his missed calls but too tired to call backF2
Will definitely do that tomorrow she thoughtG2
The next morningH
She reached for her phone as she woke upH2
And dialed his number twice but none answeredI2
It was until the third time that a familiar voice came throughN
It was her fianc e s elder brotherE
Greetings were exchangedJ2
Where is he at she inquired to speak to her boyfriendK2
Silent fell as she waited thinking he was taking the phone to himL2
But ended in a deep sigh As he saidS
We lost him yesterdayK
He was crushed by a truck on his bikeM2
What she exclaimed please tell me it s not true shivering on her bedS
But it was true The cold hands of death snatched him away from herE
I came across her a month after the incidenceN2
Looking tattered and frustratedR
The beautiful and nice looking lady I used to know is no moreO2
All I saw is the one battling with self guilt and regretsP2
To why she failed to turn up on their dateD2
Thinking that had she he wouldn t have diedQ2
It was on this cold evening that she confided in meP
Sharing the story of her lost loveR2
And I knowing that just a word will bring her consolationJ
But then what would a broken me sayK
To quench negative emotions on fire in herE
In between I finally struggled to blow out wordsS2
Look lady it s not your fault that he s goneT2
You are not the creator and his will you couldn t have stop even with your presenceN2
Whatever please just find a way to forgive yourself For now what matters is youN
The deceased if once in love with youN
will always wish you well where ever they goU2
Their wish that you keep on wearing that beautiful youthful smiles of yoursV2
At this I say goodbye to her Living with a heavy heartW2
But with hope that the seed of consolation plantedR
Will shoot buds grow and flourish to wipe away the tears of theyK
Mourning over lost loveR2

Tim Justin
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 12/02/2021


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