And she’s so found of me
I love her and she love me too
There is never a boring moment with her
Never have I seen the kind of her restlessness in any child
A smart girl with a charming smile
And a sensitive soul to the truth hidden by the lies and the reverse

Sometimes she calls me brother!
Other times uncle!
But I told her I prefer brother!
We like to hang out, chat and fun play
But mostly end up in a fight

She cries in a minute or two and the next she calls brother!
My baby I reply and lend her an ear
But only for her to speak in the dialect of the diviners
A language understood by mothers only
Yet endlessly,
She’s determine to speak that I understand

I have a baby
But I am not her dad
She’s my niece daughter
And she looks up to me for guidance

What can I teach her?
How do I instruct her to grow right?
When even I don’t know what is right.

I have a baby
Take care of my baby
Tell her I love her kind