A time will come
when the Lord will call and assemble all who are his.
The time is here
It is now
Do you want to miss out?
Can't you hear the voice of the one calling from the wilderness?
Why have you gone deaf to the desires of the world?
You swim in it sweetest sweetness
Yet you found no joy.

Can't you see the light to shine in our hearts, hidden by the cave of darkness?
Reading motivational text on a daily yet you still feel broken and empty.
They told you to laugh even when nothing is funny, and even when you are sad,
That only then you will be happy,
Yet you got tired of the pretence and felt defeated.

A time will come, the trumpet will sound
And He on the throne of judgement will send down angels,
Falling like stars pulled down by the law of gravity.
They will be guided by the message,"Go ye into the field and gather my crops"

Let the poet know that
His, is a gift, but not of the pains he feels and express alone
But to spread the words of God too.

Let the earth know that he who writes this is human with short comings and is not here to judge her.

Tell the politicians that there was a man like Ajons.
A political Lord.
He played the political game for the money,
Got the money
Drove latest cars of his time and his family lived large.
But when the time came,
he left with nothing but his soul as evidence of account to He most high.

Visit that man from the north
Offer him yet another chance.
He is a gun man and a rapist
He is too weak to jump over temptations
But strong over women.
At the sight of her,
His stomach runs like he wants to throw up
And his blood hot like boiling water.
Then the whole of him become violent until he forcefully went into her.
Defiling her pride as a woman
He sigh! With satisfaction, now he's okay
Forgetting that his troubles just begin.

Go tell the young boy down the street,
Who forgot to call on God when hard times strike.
He chooses liquor, cannabis sativa and cigarettes as best options to deal with stress.

But now physically, emotionally and mentally he's unhealthy.
A dope to take away his pains has now become a cause he's bound to.

Go tell the world I said
Respect each other but I am the ultimate.
Give arms to one another and be happy but take no glory, for it is the Lord's,
The giver of breath.

Tell him who has been in service in the temple of God and in true worship to Him,
Not to relent admist hard times.
Tell him I know him by name and won't let him down.

Let the world know that if she wants peace
Let her find me whole heartedly and heed my words,
For it is a living truth in ink on paper.

Finally, tell all who takes pleasure in doing that which I disapprove of,
That the Lord's time is now.
Bless the earth and leave them with peace,
So that all who seek will find.