Thomas Sturge Moore Night Poems

  • 1.
    Dear exile from the hurrying crowd,
    At work I muse to you aloud;
    Thought on my anvil softens, glows,
    And I forget our art has foes;
  • 2.
    O happy soul, forget thy self!
    This that has haunted all the past,
    That conjured disappointments fast,
    That never could let well alone;
  • 3.
    (First Scene) Damon
    I thank thee, no;
    Already have I drunk a bowl of wine . . .
    Nay, nay, why wouldst thou rise?
  • 4.
    O deeper than the noontide seems when blue,
    Conceived as of yet finer woof than air,
    Where, as clouds form, folk cherished, moments rare,
    Fitfully gleam and pass . . . romance all true,
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