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Thomas Sturge Moore, portrait by Charles Shannon, c. 1897, a.k.a. The Man with a Yellow Glove Thomas Sturge Moore (4 March 1870 – 18 July 1944) was an English poet, author and artist.

Biography Sturge Moore was born at 3 Wellington Square, Hastings, East Sussex, on 4 March 1870 and educated at Dulwich College, the Croydon School of Art and Lambeth School of Art. He was a long-term friend and correspondent of W. B. Yeats,...
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Thomas Sturge Moore Poems

  • The Rower's Chant
    ROW till the land dip 'neath
    The sea from view.
    Row till a land peep up,
    A home for you. ...
  • Silence Sings
    SO faint, no ear is sure it hears,
    So faint and far;
    So vast that very near appears
    My voice, both here and in each star ...
  • Aforetime
    Dear exile from the hurrying crowd,
    At work I muse to you aloud;
    Thought on my anvil softens, glows,
    And I forget our art has foes; ...
  • A Duet
    'FLOWERS nodding gaily, scent in air,
    Flowers posied, flowers for the hair,
    Sleepy flowers, flowers bold to stare----'
    'O pick me some!'...
  • Renaissance
    O happy soul, forget thy self!
    This that has haunted all the past,
    That conjured disappointments fast,
    That never could let well alone;...
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  • Ascensionarcana: for milkmaids and queens and gipsy-princesses dream and kiss blindfold or starve upon guesses. — thomas sturge moore, "reason enough"
  • Northtrenton: happy birthday to john henry wigmore (d. 1943), david w. taylor (d. 1940), eugene cosserat (d. 1931), jacob l. beilhart (d. 1908), thomas sturge moore (d. 1944), boris galerkin (d. 1945), guy wetmore carryl (d. 1904), john h. trumbull (d. 1961) and mihaly karolyi (d. 1955).
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to english writer and poet thomas sturge moore (march 4, 1870), author of the 1906 play "aphrodite against artemis" et al.
  • Triumphalpage: there is a poet to my mind much greater than thomas moore, and his name is thomas sturge moore! a t. s. to be preferred to the other t. s. as well, i daresay.
  • Gasfacebot: thomas sturge moore gets the gasface
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