The Coranna Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Fast by his wild resounding RiverA
The listless Coran lingers everA
Still drives his heifers forth to feedB
Soothed by the gorrah's humming reedB
A rover still unchecked will rangeC
As humour calls or seasons changeC
His tent of mats and leathern gearD
All packed upon the patient steerD
'Mid all his wanderings hating toilE
He never tills the stubborn soilE
But on the milky dam reliesF
And what spontaneous earth suppliesF
Or should long parching droughts prevailG
And milk and bulbs and locusts failG
He lays him down to sleep awayH
In languid trance the weary dayH
Oft as he feels gaunt hunger's stoundH
Still tightening famine's girdle roundH
Lulled by the sound of the GareepI
Beneath the willows murmuring deepI
Till thunder clouds surcharged with rainJ
Pour verdure o'er the panting plainJ
And call the famished Dreamer from his tranceK
To feast on milk and game and wake the moon light danceK

Thomas Pringle


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