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BotCjm: Thomas Pringle, as an envoy for freedom of expression and opini….

ai_art_bot: "a mainframe computer in a medieval castle in the style of Thomas Pringle|sunrise"

POLESPLSEAT: Bears are the 2013 Seahawks Fields : Russ Monty : Lynch Mooney : Baldwin Pringle : Tate Kmet : Miller Quinn : Clemons Roquan : Wagner JJ : Sherman Gordon : Browner Brisker : Chancellor Jackson : Thomas

Sachinettiyil: "Right is still right, even if you stand by yourself." - Justice Clarence Thomas

Jennifer_Bray: Rural Independent Group also hoping for the support of Joan Collins, Thomas Pringle and Peadar Toibin

gavreilly: Thomas Pringle urges the Government to simply remove the lines 'clinically appropriate' and most of the problems would go away. Taoiseach argues "the goalposts keep changing" because he thought the major concern was about site ownership [They're inter-related.]

IanHunt94870152: 2. I meant to write something about it but have not. Like all of her books it is deeply intertextual. This one resurrects as characters Mary Prince, anti-slavery campaigner and poet Thomas Pringle, his adopted son Hinza and Sir Nicholas Greene -- from Orlando no less.

embacubairlanda: President of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Cuba, Thomas Pringle, was received by the Cuban Ambassador to Irelan, who thanked the Irish parliamentarians for their solidarity and friendship in its hard battle against the intensified US blockade.

MarineTimesNews: Pringle Urges Minister to Stand Up For Fishing Communities Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle, has urged Minister Charlie McConalogue to stand up for fishing communities, saying Irish fishing is dying “while other countries thrive off our waters”.

NewsLatinPress: Dublin, May 13 (Prensa Latina) Irish MP Thomas Pringle has sent his condolences to the families of the victims of the accidental explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana last week, Cuban diplomatic sources reported on Friday.

ChiBearsKingdom: As a team,this looks fairly good to me: QB: Justin Fields FB: Blasingame RB: DMo |Herbert LT: Borom LG: Whitehair C: L Patrick RG: Mustipher/B Jones/Z Thomas /J Carter RT: Jenkins TE: Kmet|R Griffin /James O’S Z: Darnell Mooney X: Pringle|Tajae/Dazz Slot: Velus Jones/ESB/Pettis

gavreilly: In a fairly important point, Ita O'Sullivan (also of HSE's legal team) tells Thomas Pringle that the constitutions of parent companies in SVHG are irrelevant, because the only constitution that applies to the NMH is the one of NMH DAC which (in draft) has no religious content

JosephHerffNFL: I like this: MVP: Justin Fields Best Rookie: Kyler Gordon Surprise: Byron Pringle Most Improved: Eddie Jackson Breakout: Cole Kmet Best O Free Agent: Lucas Patrick Best D Free Agent: Justin Jones Underrated Rook: Zachary Thomas Underrated Vet: Cody Whitehair

IMAGINEzine: This superb group includes Thomas Moore, Nora Bateson, Patrick Harpur, Jill Purce, James Hollis, Milena Ivanova, Martin Reeves, Tiffany Shlain, Sean Kelly, Zorana Pringle, Jerome Glenn, Dina Glouberman, Tim Freke, Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, Dean Radin, Rana Florida, and Philip Ball.

BarryWhyte85: Sinn Fein will target three seats in Donegal in next GE. Independent TD Thomas Pringle is also very popular, while Fianna Fail Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue will also run. Going to be almost impossible for FG to retain a seat in Donegal

BShulkes: Summation of what Bears lost & gained in FA + Draft (no UDFAs): Added: L Patrick, Pringle, Siemian, Griffin, O’Shaughnessy, Davenport, Blasingame, ESB, V-Jones, B-Jones, Z Thomas, Ebner, Kramer, Carter Lost: Arob, Daniels, Jakeem, Bars, Dalton, Foles, Ifedi, Byrd (Cont)

SPORTBETTINGMAN: Dynasty Survivors (so far): Dobbins, Bateman, Wallace? Gabriel Mooney, Pringle? DPJ Lazard? Watkins? Tonyan? Mills, Cooks ETN, Robinson CEH. JuJu Edmonds? Mostert? Damien? Rhamondre? Golladay Miles Lock Logan Thomas

aisforum: Therefore, immediate action is needed to help secure the livelihoods of SIDS. Source: Thomas, A., Baptiste, A., Martyr-Koller, R., Pringle, P., & Rhiney, K. (2020). Climate change and small island developing states. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 45(1), 1–27.

JunoBirch: The Pringle dispenser queen

benniestbennie: i haven't been this high since that one time i spoke to the mountains outside thomas pringle

CEmma670: Notable new Bears numbers: 13 - Pringle 15 - Siemian 19 - St. Brown 21 - Evans 23 - Jackson 25 - Young 29 - Cruikshank 35 - Blasingame 44 - Adams 45 - Thomas 53 - Morrow 55 - Muhammad 62 - Patrick 78 - Dozier 80 - O'Shaughnessy 84 - Griffin 93 - Jones

LoyisoSidimba: ”To chase the white men from the earth / And drive them to the sea / The sea that cast them up at first / For Xhosas' curse & bane / Howls for the progeny she nursed / To swallow them again” ~ Thomas Pringle's translation of one of the songs of Makhanda kaNxele's army

_BrianMahon_: The PBP decision to not applaud Zelensky was well noted last week. What was less well clocked was the decision by Thomas Pringle, Catherine Connolly and Joan Collins to start and then stop clapping, in their own form of protest.

scotlit: Thomas Pringle & The ‘Hottentots’ – Damian Shaw “Thomas Pringle (1789–1834)… became an 1820 settler in the Cape (for six years) before moving to London where he… served as secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society until his death.”

BrendanSugrue: - Byron Pringle is going to be a big part of this offense. Eberflus calls him "special" both as a player and as a person. - Eberflus sounds bullish on Thomas Graham, but I'm not sure he's completely sold on him being a starter yet. Still needs to see him up close.

ai_art_bot: "a diesel generator at the grand bazaar in the style of Thomas Pringle|cross processed"

DerelictDrawda: Thomas Pringle talking sense here. We need action, not wish washy corporate plans that make it look like the government are serious about dereliction and vacancy when in essence they aren’t.

nwl88444048: Donegal TD Thomas Pringle was scheduled in the Dail yesterday to discuss deep concerns about UK's proposals to introduce visas for crossing the border. But where was DFA minister Simon Coveney? Hoping for the offchance of inhaling a 73-year old royal fart.

KevinBrownNFL: Bears have added: L. Patrick, C Dakota Dozier, G K. Blasingame, FB Darrynton Evans, RB B. Pringle, WR E. St. Brown, WR A. Muhammad, DE Justin Jones, DT Nicholas Morrow, LB Noah Dawkins, LB Joe Thomas, LB Ryan Winslow, P Vikings: Z. Smith J. Hicks H. Phillips Mundt Schlottmann

ai_art_bot: "on a cruiseship in the style of Thomas Pringle" Model: vqgan imagenet f16 16384

BFRMedia: New Bears WR Byron Pringle on Justin Fields: "I see him being an elite quarterback.”

ai_art_bot: "sharks at a spice market in the style of Thomas Pringle" Model: vqgan imagenet f16 16384

ai_art_bot: "a castle in the style of Thomas Pringle|abandoned" Model: vqgan imagenet f16 16384

ai_art_bot: "a swamp in the style of Thomas Pringle|stained glass" Model: vqgan imagenet f16 16384

BotCjm: Vote Thomas Pringle in Donegal.

iamagco: The Art of Thomas Pringle

pb4p: Unfortunately we were denied a vote on PBP amendment to the Govt motion on Ukraine. We did not have numbers to force a vote. PBP-S TDs were supported by Thomas Pringle, Joan Collins & Michael McNamara. Catherine Connolly supported but was unable to vote due to being in the chair.

ai_art_bot: "Rokos Basilisk and tractors on the bridge of the starship enterprise in the style of Thomas Pringle" Model: vqgan imagenet f16 16384

ai_art_bot: "a Brachiosaurus on Alderaan in the style of Thomas Pringle" Model: vqgan imagenet f16 16384

McKenzieDayton1: I never thought about why the Mary Prince pre-face was written by Thomas Pringle. It is so awful to think that slaves needed someone to validate their stories before they were published for people to actually believe them.

BotCjm: Vote Thomas Pringle in Donegal.

Big_Hat_L0gan: same goes for thomas pringle too

BotCjm: Thomas Pringle, as an envoy for freedom of expression and opini….

ThomasPringleTD: ‘ Thomas Pringle, has urged Government to provide emergency funding to Donegal County Council to repair Pollawaddy Pier on Árainn Mhór, which was badly damaged by the recent storms. ‘ ⤵️

TrumanChief: Shocking fact of the day. Chiefs WR Byron Pringle is about to enter free agency for the first time and is only ten months younger than 2014 draft pick De’Anthony Thomas. Pretty sure he has to take wherever the most money is regardless of the team.

granny_st: Rachel then dropped her Lauder surname and adopted Pringle’s. After a scandal in which Rachel allegedly faked a pregnancy to establish more influence over Thomas Pringle, he ended his relationship with her and moved to Jamaica.

FeministRoar: Thomas Pringle from Ireland did feel emboldened to push his misogyny though and the Netherlands condemned the UK, despite coming 30th to our 5th when it comes to hate crime. >

iamagco: The Art of Thomas Pringle

JohnMcDonald15: Thomas M. Disch (1940-2008) If you are a fan of sf dystopias, you shouldn't miss Thomas Disch's work. He wrote a couple of the best. "Camp Concentration" and "334". Both made David Pringle's list of Best Science Fiction Novels 1949-1984.


BotCjm: Vote Thomas Pringle in Donegal.

RocketstarMedia: Censor women's rights groups on social media - Thomas Pringle TD - Gript

for29years: Pringle's fans: "Let's support Thomas under attack from the evil wenches & their imported brainwashing madness" Also: "We're a homogeneous LGBT+ community that stand as one in Ireland by virtue of not being British" The mouth from Armagh: "Actually, there's no Britain as such"

Anguscurran: Imagine going to the organisation that codified human rights in Europe to complain that women's rights organisations need to be censored.

griptmedia: Donegal TD Thomas Pringle told the Council of Europe that "Ireland has a problem with TERFs" and that allowing them to make political statements on "unchecked" was a breach of the ECHR. Women's rights groups say TERFS is a slur used to silence women.

for29years: Pringle: "I only said this very innocent sounding thing that made me the big man" Pringle's fans: "Good on ya, Thomas, you tell those bad evil bitches what for" An exercise in unadulterated gaslighting bullshit

DerryBanShee: This is frightening. That Thomas Pringle can say this in a forum like the Council of Europe, and ppl seem to think it’s ok. It’s open misogyny. Why shouldn’t women question the rights of males to access female-only spaces?

griptmedia: Independent TD Thomas Pringle has told a meeting of the Council of Europe that "Ireland has a problem with TERFs" and said that allowing them to make political statements on social media "unchecked" was a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

iowcmcgill: Elizabeth Elbourne examines the career of Thomas Pringle, advocate against and perpetrator of settler violence in the 1820s-30s Cape. Hers is history of human rights, humanitarianism, colonialism, and Scottishness

DryadPress: 2/4 He is the recipient of an English Academy Gold Medal, the Patricia Schonstein Poetry in McGregor Prize, a Standard Bank National Arts Festival Ovation Award for his play, *The Ballad of Dirk de Bruin*, the Thomas Pringle Award for Poetry,

AfricanArchives: She ultimately dropped her Lauder surname and adopted PRINGLE. After a scandal in which she allegedly faked a pregnancy in order to “establish more influence over her benefactor,” Thomas Pringle ended his relationship with Rachel and left for Jamaica.

creativityxplrd: We are saddened to share with our community that CE artist Thomas Pringle (b. 1941) passed away in December 2021. Pringle joined CE in 2006. We will miss Pringle’s sense of humor and uplifting energy at the studio and gallery. Read his full memorial:

MccannPierce: Answer the question Thomas Pringle or do you not agree with Equality for all?

ericvery: Back to the southeast corner again for a moment. I was way off. Corner building was 1910 - designed by Thomas Pringle. "CANADIAN RUBBER CO., Front Street East at Yonge Street, warehouse, 1910; demol. c. 1960 (Toronto b.p. 21088, 6 June 1910)"

Sachinettiyil: "I go to Mass before I go to Work" - Justice Clarence Thomas

Pringle_99: Hold- This is andrew this is Thomas

JP_PriesterSI: 2024 Clemson OL Target Kam Pringle Weighs In On Thomas Austin Replacing Robbie Caldwell

ZachLentzSI: 2024 Clemson OL Target Kam Pringle Weighs In On Thomas Austin Replacing Robbie Caldwell

DryadPress: 2/4 She's been awarded: Thomas Pringle Prize + won 2nd in the Sol Plaatje EU Poetry Award. Her poetry's appeared in most local publications + has been anthologised in school + university textbooks, most recently: *SA Century of South African Poetry* (Jonathan Ball, 2018).

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to Scottish writer and poet Thomas Pringle (January 5,1789), author of "Narrative of a Residence in South Africa” (1834) et al.

BotCjm: Vote Thomas Pringle in Donegal is as enthralling as ever.

BotCjm: This is the Wright’s house…. Vote Thomas Pringle.

DryadPress: 2/4 He was awarded the 1999 Thomas Pringle Award for poetry published in journals, as well as the 2000 Ingrid Jonker Prize for Tracks. Brian taught literature at the University of Fort Hare for 19 years.

ma_updates: Artist updated: Thomas Pringle

kevinthebooks: As a former Sinn Fein member Thomas Pringle will know that Sinn Fein's paramilitary friends in the IRA didn't administer pain relief when the IRA murdered people. No surprise

thomas_toch: Pringle may be interested in the quality of Philly cheesesteaks, but she, her union and your piece ignore the low calibre of many public school teachers--one of the principal drivers of inequity in the nation's education system--and strategies to strengthen the profession.

WriterLeader247: Villanova-South Dakota State preview. It's Daniel Smith vs Chris Oladokun....Justin Covington vs Pierre Thomas Jr .....Pringle/Hayek vs the Janke boys....listen to what needs to be done.....

SeanMacCaba: After nine months of work, today the community of Ardara presented the findings of the People's Transition pilot project to Minister O'Brien. A sincere thank you to the Minister and Deputy Thomas Pringle for their support for community-led climate action.

creativityxplrd: Happy birthday to the Ladies Man himself, Thomas Pringle! Thomas has been a CE artist since 2006. Thomas draws what sparks his eye, "pretty women" being one of his main inspirations. His art practice is marked by an honest and true line.

SeanDefoe: Donegal TDs Pearse Doherty and Thomas Pringle criticising the mica redress scheme in the Dáil. One presumes Padraig Mac Lochlainn thinks the same. Donegal Minister Charlie McConalogue strongly backing it. Leinster House eagerly awaiting Joe McHugh's opinion

rtenews: Independent TD Thomas Pringle criticises the mica redress scheme, saying Donegal families were facing “the same again”. The Taoiseach described the scheme as an "unprecedented State intervention" which would cost €2.2bn |

ThomasPringleTD: Pat McDonagh, head of Supermac’s, is probably one of the main beneficiaries of social welfare in this country because the profits they make, are made on the backs of the very low-paid!


Page_Upon_Page: Extract of a Register of the Barometer, Thermometer, and Rain, at Lyndon, in Rutland, 1776. By Thomas Barker, Esquire. Communicated by Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. (Published: 1777) Full text:

OceanFmIreland: A redress scheme for the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes will be brought before Cabinet this morning, Donegal Independent TD Thomas Pringle says compensation is not the main issue for survivors:

TiptonEdits: Alabama now has the No. 3 Ranked Recruiting Class for 2022. 5⭐️ Jaden Bradley 5⭐️ Brandon Miller 4⭐️ Noah Clowney JUCO Nick Pringle 4⭐️ Rylan Griffen

micaactiongroup: Thomas Pringle TD urges Govt to end their prevarication and kite flying. Govt knows what homeowners need to end this nightmare. Stop ‘leaking trial balloons’ as Mica redress discussions continue – Pringle

SAMMY50277422: 1824 to John Pringle, a brother of Thomas Pringle the author and leader of the Scottish Party. It was John Pringle who built this stone church in 1840. The first minister was the Rev. John Forbes Cumming. Type of site: Church Current use: Church. 14 km from Bedford turn left to

BotCjm: Thomas Pringle, as an envoy for freedom of expression and opini….

BotCjm: Vote Thomas Pringle in Donegal.

BotCjm: Thomas Pringle, as an independent, was responsible for this liv….

BotCjm: Thomas Pringle, as an envoy for freedom of expression and opini….

dgldemocrat: Concern raised over number of gardaí stationed in Donegal by Deputy Thomas Pringle

DonegalLiveNews: Concern raised over number of gardaí stationed in Donegal by Deputy Thomas Pringle

BotCjm: Vote Thomas Pringle. Put my shoes on wrong-foot-first this morning and had to take them a….

_LiveWorkThrive: Mary Prince (1788–1833) was a British abolitionist and autobiographer, born in Bermuda to an enslaved family of African descent. She had gone to London with her master and his family in 1828 from Antigua. Subsequent to her escape, she and Thomas Pringle (secretary of the Society

Bdubs30_: I be thinking 13 is De’Anthony Thomas then I realize it’s just Byron Pringle …

RevWar: On this day in history, October 11, 1776, the Battle of Valcour Island begins. This was one of the first important naval engagements of the American Revolution, pitting American Brigadier General Benedict Arnold against British Captain Thomas Pringle.

rwalcik: On this day in history, October 11, 1776, the Battle of Valcour Island begins. This was one of the first important naval engagements of the American Revolution, pitting American Brigadier General Benedict Arnold against British Captain Thomas Pringle.

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