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For other people named Thomas Pringle, see Thomas Pringle (disambiguation). Thomas Pringle Thomas Pringle (5 January 1789 – 5 December 1834) was a Scottish writer, poet and abolitionist. Known as the father of South African poetry, he was the first successful English language poet and author to describe South Africa's scenery, native peoples, and living conditions.

Life Born at Blaiklaw (n...
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Thomas Pringle Poems

  • To Sir Walter Scott
    From deserts wild and many a pathless wood
    Of savage climes where I have wandered long,
    Whose hills and streams are yet ungraced by song,
    I bring, illustrious friend, this garland rude: ...
  • Makanna's Gathering
    Wake! Amakósa, wake!
    And arm yourselves for war.
    As coming winds the forest shake,
    I hear a sound from far: ...
  • The Bushman
    The Bushman sleeps within his black-browed den,
    In the lone wilderness. Around him lie
    His wife and little ones unfearingly --
    For they are far away from 'Christian Men.' ...
  • The Hottentot
    Mild, melancholy, and sedate, he stands,
    Tending another's flock upon the fields,
    His father's once, where now the White Man builds
    His home, and issues forth his proud commands. ...
  • The Caffer Commando
    Hark! -- heard ye the signals of triumph afar?
    'Tis our Caffer Commando returning from war:
    The voice of their laughter comes loud on the wind,
    Nor heed they the curses that follow behind. ...
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  • Botcjm: vote thomas pringle in donegal is as enthralling as ever.
  • Leonpaul95: i wonder what dmx quote thomas pringle is going to use when the dail is back?
  • Nixit: pringle, thomas, 1858-1931 :[carved figure at auckland museum]
  • Poetrypotion: poet profile: rethabile masilo he has published 4 books of poetry as well as two poetry anthologies that he was editor of. in 2014 his poem ‘swimming’, from his second book waslap won the dalro first prize in poetry, as well as the thomas pringle award.
  • Nprpolitics: supreme court justice clarence thomas took aim at tech companies, writing that social media companies are "sufficiently akin" to common carriers, like public utilities, and argued they should be "regulated in this manner."
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