Thomas Pringle Sky Poems

  • 1.
    Wake! Amakósa, wake!
    And arm yourselves for war.
    As coming winds the forest shake,
    I hear a sound from far:
  • 2.
    Afar in the Desert I love to ride,
    With the silent Bush-boy alone by my side:
    When the sorrows of life the soul o'ercast,
    And, sick of the Present, I cling to the Past;
  • 3.
    The free-born Kosa still doth hold
    The fields his fathers held of old;
    With club and spear, in jocund ranks,
    Still hunts the elk by Chumi's banks:
  • 4.
    I sat at noontide in my tent,
    And looked across the Desert dun,
    Beneath the cloudless firmament
    Far gleaming in the sun,
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