Thomas Percy I Love You Poems

  • 1.
    In Scarlet towne, where I was borne,
    There was a faire maid dwellin,
    Made every youth crye, wel-awaye!
    Her name was Barbara Allen.
  • 2.
    King Arthur lives in merry Carleile,
    And seemely is to see;
    And there with him queene Guenever,
    That bride soe bright of blee.
  • 3.
    There came a ghost to Margaret's door,
    With many a grievous grone,
    And ay he tirled at the pin;
    But answer made she none.
  • 4.
    On Trinitye Mondaye in the morne,
    This sore battayle was doom'd to bee,
    Where manye a knighte cry'd, Well-awaye!
    Alacke, it was the more pittìe.
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