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JacobTh24944967: Thomas: Thomas' anthem & Thomas we love you Edward: Henry: Night train (footage is mostly the flying kipper) Gordon: James: James the splendid red engine Percy: Percy's seaside trip Toby: Toby Duck: Donald: Donald's duck Douglas: Oliver: Only half the og's have songs. It's sad.

cellsoul: My architects are so utterly productive and ubiquitous that, by inevitable coincidence, I've just finished writing about a building two doors down from where I once lived. Theory: everyone in Britain has been in or on a Percy Thomas building at some point in their lives.

cellsoul: Given how many hospitals they built, a high proportion of the population will even have been born in a Percy Thomas building.

asodorlife: oh yeah that does remind me: i saw those weird muddy themed engines (thomas, percy and nia) in the store as well no sign of emily or gordon tho

AbrahamRGroat: So…. I woke from a nap about half an hour ago. During that nap I dreamed that in AEG Thomas & Percy slept in beds and said nightly prayers to their Grandfather. I am just as confused as you are.

freeacrxcards: Strongest Engine Toy Train Story – All Engines Go Thomas v’s Percy

Lightninging92: The Percy and Bruno pack got delayed, just like the Thomas Crystal Cave pack - - Last minute too. C'mon. I'm disappointed but not surprised. I hope the other ordered July 6 releases aren't like this as well

SyonTube: Top 10 Favorite Thomas MINIS: 1: Chillin' Skarloey 2: Candy Thomas 3: 75th Anniversary Thomas 4: Special Edition Thomas 5: Chillin' Edward 6: Construction Toby 7: Paint Splattered James 8: Aquatic Thomas 9: Spooky Salty 10: Christmas Percy

Lightninging92: The three packs normally come out in waves of three. Last wave was muddy Thomas, party Percy, and Rttw Diesel. This wave is Crystal Cave Thomas, Percy and Bruno, and... Am I missing one? I'm pretty sure I already brought up the point earlier but I want to double check

GrumpyIvatt4: Was built in Glasgow in 1927,imagining him standing up for himself to the three big engines Henry,Gordon,and James,working alongside Edward,and even share jokes with Thomas and Percy which is something fun to think about :D

Sub_loc0_m0: Really glad this shot is trending. Been so curious about it for so long. Also Percy with Thomas's face is a vibe.

Ryansmells24: i believe that the first 3 sheets are from the first revision, and that we only have 1 sheet out of 3 of the original plan, which would have featured Thomas rescuing toby instead of Percy, along with some other changes probably (note the town set is flipped in the original)

Ryansmells24: the fact that there is another piece of concept art that clearly shows Percy and the 'rescue line' no longer sub-labeled as 'Thomas' is even more baffling, however i have a loosely put together theory

alexanderdvdsn: Loving this highly regimented church and vicarage in Sefton Park. Built in 1896-1902 to designs by Thomas and Percy Worthington, it almost resembles a 19th-century power station. Interestingly, there’s a classically-inspired substation about five minutes’ walk from here.

freeacrxcards: Strongest Engine Toy Train Story – All Engines Go Thomas v’s Percy

FoldinTime: Those who know me better might say, “well why not do Percy? You love Percy and hate Thomas, right?” And like.. yeah… I do want to do one like Knowahs g1 replica. But I want to be able to accomplish a model of satisfactory quality before I go all out on my favorite character.

thomastugsfan14: Previously I used to struggle with this because I thought the Hayfields were on Thomas' Line, so it didn't make sense to me that Percy would take hay from Thomas' Line, only for Toby to return it back. Now with the map revealing it was on Edward's Line, it all adds up.

AveryPerkins9: Can anyone imagine if “Shining Time Station” had continued? Mr Conductor: The new kid is acting a bit like a bully isn’t he? You know who he remind me of? Cranky, the new crane on the island. Thomas and Percy ran into trouble when they first met him. I’ll tell you about it.

thomastugsfan14: I think I finally know how the "Woolly Bear" intro works in the TVS thanks to the S3 map. Percy collects hay from Edward's Line and takes it to Tidmouth. Toby then takes the hay north of Tidmouth, to the harbour line and the valley on Thomas' Line where there are farmlands.

MacasuhotThirdy: Percy: who is laughing now thomas

gator_bot: Percy's not on the ship, Thomas!

thomastugsfan14: Another thing the S3 map solves: The reason why Thomas and Percy were nearly always seen at Tidmouth Hault in S5. We thought Tidmouth Hault was only a Duck's Line station that was north of Tidmouth, so them being there wouldn't make sense. But that was not the case in the end.

Ryansmells24: was thomas going to rescue toby originally instead of percy?

North_Westener: Mine of Mystery Steam Team to the Rescue Thomas' Animal Ark Thomas & the Monkey Palace All Tracks Lead to Rome Thomas Goes to Bollywood Apology Impossible Too Loud, Thomas Panicky Percy Forever & Ever Gordon Gets the Giggles Emily to the Rescue A New Arrival

toytrains4u: Strongest Engine Toy Train Story - All Engines Go Thomas v's Percy

freeacrxcards: Strongest Engine Toy Train Story – All Engines Go Thomas v’s Percy

domeless_engine: They all look so nice together... besides Toby and Thomas. Toby for obvious reasons but Thomas is something I couldn’t put my finger on but I think I know now. He keeps the proportions of the 2003 Thomas (fat boiler and short funnel). It looks so wrong when percy’s looks perfect!


SodorRyModeler: ne. They become an asset to the network and both Percy and Toby could use these coaches when called to pull passengers anytime In my headcanon Thomas stays auto-fitted with Annie and Clarabel, with his 3rd and/or 4th added if needed for a unique consist as pictured 2/?

ComradeSpinel90: the Town of the Dam. It was also to be flooded and shown in a time lapse sequence. - Bye George was to hace Thomas roll farther past the barn, down an embankment and into a muddy pool. (Similar to Busy Going Backwards) - S3 footage has a shot of Gordon and Percy on the Harbour

ComradeSpinel90: Art possibly meaning he was planned to be in more stories. - 3:5 Gauge Models of Thomas and Percy were built and most likely filmed with for the TATMR test pilot as storyboards have it all scripted - S3 maps were made with 2 loop lines meaning David Mitton doubled down and made

ComradeSpinel90: This techinally could've been started all the way back in Magic Railroad or S3 with the latter having Thomas bounce up after sneezing or having Topham's top hat fly up in A Scarf for Percy

GtotheP: Hearing Boris has asked the availability of Thomas, Gordon, Henry, Percy and James to help with the train strike from The Island Of Sodor

Truck_of_Tar: Thomas was meant to rescue Toby? tbh, that works a little better than Percy.

EngineSplendid: we interrupt your constant twitter page refreshing to bring you a video of "percy the pennsy engine"

Zennur91587299: ALERT! Who's lucky: those on Twitter. Time: May be over. iran lia thomas prime qatar taki 365 days ben stiller glee hopper hinata neymar onlyfans leaked percy jackson 2000 mules aespa berserk lightyear metamask ome tv

HappyVeridisQuo: So wait, now there is a Percy acc for behind the scenes Thomas stuff?

thomas_lover02: I’m know for making occasional edits. What I’d like to be known for, is my own series (The Adventures Of Thomas/Adventures From Thomas). That includes the Purple Toby, Percy’s Mail Coaches, & Anthony (soon).

percy_gryce: ser.3, n.114. Thomas Kilby Smith, American soldier and diplomat, brevetted Major-General for gallant and meritorious service during the U.S. Civil War

greenwoolybear: Last update until hes fully finished but Thomas and Percy are very happy to have Toby put back together

sun_____butter: Thomas : What if I break your trust someday? Percy : Trusting you is my decision, proving me wrong is your choice. ----- Favorite line.❤

TylerBozetski: I love how they're at least giving the engines different faces & decals. Yeah, it was always nice to get an engine you may not have seperatly, but it got boring with the same Thomas & Percy designs.

SummerScottYT: top 5 thomas characters 1. donald/douglas 2. james 3. thomas himself 4. percy 5. gordon

thomastugsfan14: Makes sense with "Thomas, Percy and the Post Train". Percy arrives at Dryaw coming from the Canal.

TheXentertainer: What on earth has happened to Thomas and Percy? What is this monstrosity? And shouldn't they be on strike today??

Donnarthur_: Modric is one of the greatest midfielders in our generation but he will need 12 years of massive training to be like Thomas Partey.

percy_kemp: “The contingency we have not considered seriously looks strange; what looks strange is thought improbable; and what is improbable need not be considered seriously.” Thomas Schelling

gator_bot: Percy's not on the ship, Thomas!

SodorRyModeler: Plot twist, as Thomas becomes established in his arc with his branchline he gains more coaches to help with the increasing traffic that Percy or Toby could pull too. Auto-fitted or not for trains, this would be such a dope concept

rooke_jason: What is going on with the train service? No Thomas or Percy. If anybody has the phone number for the fat controller please pass it over and I will get this problem resolved. Yes it is not nice for commuters. Another headache. Stay safe and well all.

FfarquharLine: Thomas, Percy and the Squeak • Stereo Instrumental

StanZoller: Percy joins Thomas at Illinois Railway Museum's "Day Out with Thomas" today and next weekend.

Ps2playerLuke: Someone's copied my Percy and the Oil Painting review word for word and posted it on their blogsite as their own review I've no idea who this person is, but I do not condone this silly behaviour This review is not their written words, they're mine

shareabottle: 2006-'07 THOMAS THE TRAIN PERCY & HENRY Jibbitz Shoe Charm

TEfan2002: Saw a goof in ep. 2. Thomas/Percy pass Artemis pulling the express, even though she should be moving at hyperspeed with it which is shown earlier in the same ep! Derp. So, if anyone can come up with an in-universe reason to explain the goof, I'll shout you out in ep 7's credits!

PanoramicView21: And now, here it is: The first of the George Carlin narrations from when they first aired on Shining Time Station: Thomas, Percy & the Dragon (but in the way that could've been). Trust Thomas may've been the first new S3 episode to come out on VHS, but on STS, this episode is

VictorG43123: It was a pity that the Thomas section at this Walmart was not as packed with merch as the others I’ve seen shared here and got even smaller than last time. With at least 5 push alongs of each, they had Toby, Diesel, Percy, a Percy repaint, and much to my surprise, my boi Bash.

gator_bot: Percy's not on the ship, Thomas!

Tunnykvng: "Thomas Tuchel is a fan of..."

thequeenofsodor: also if i gotta rank them, for the Small Vehicles its Diesel > Percy > Rosie > Thomas >>> Kevin, and for the Big ones its Hiro > Gordon >= Rebecca > Nia > James

ScaryThomasCake: Percy is a brute. He eats cars and spits the pips at Thomas. "Peep peep!" says Percy. "Peep peep!" says Thomas, desperately.

Clowload: Sodor Dark Realm/Thomas The Tank Engine Sodor Dark Realm By Percy And The Beast Productions

thethomasfan: Finally got around working on my H0 engines again, made some lining for Thomas and improved the siderods for Percy. I know Thomas' number is bad, gonna order a better one soon!

The_lbsc_thomas: I can't wait to go to Edison someday with Percy because I'm going to gaslight so many kids I'm going to make Percy's eyes follow them around and when they tell their parents that Percy's looking at them I'm going to stop moving it But seriously I can't wait to go someday

jordangaming101: Hear me out: BWBA but Thomas, Percy, and Duck travel around the world

Growler44796704: "Cope!", said Thomas. "Ratio!" yelled Henry. Percy was upset

ryanthompson628: Veronica Mars Genre: Drama, Mystery, Neo-noir Creator: Rob Thomas Stars: Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs lll, Teddy Dunn, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni Network: UPN, The CW, Hulu

Sobbingtree: Is there actually like a fandom for Thomas the train? I just go on twitter to see Percy is trending expecting it to be all PJO and ⟟ see trains

RWSTidmouth15: I don't recall this to be Emily's Hit era because she acted snappy towards Thomas and Percy when they were rude to Salty back in S7.

DemonOfNowhere: * various engines have new pronouns and gender identities too, i was sick and tired of creating OCs to fix the gender balance lol * for example, thomas uses he/xe/it, edward uses she/her and is genderfluid, percy/paisley uses he/she/they, and douglas uses they/it and is transfem

ShinyEngine16: What ever made james a third main character in thomas, it was obvious percy was one because he is Thomas’s best friend

percyfan182: Thomas, Percy and the Post Train has been eliminated Vote off your least favorite remaining Season 3 episode, next round will be in 24 hours

cine_magique: Bagdad Cafe (1987) by Percy Adlon // Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

Streakofscarlet: hot take, Thomas didn't start feeling shoehorned until this shit In Away From the Sea, he just repeats what Cranky just said (only for Cranky to repeat it AGAIN) In Gone Fishing and Percy's Lucky Day he shows up for two seconds to go ":)" and ":(" and wtf was with Henry's Hero

FARPostZA: The so-called superstars like Andile Jali, Keagan Dolly, Tokelo Rantie, Bongani Zungu, Kermit Erasmus, Percy Tau and Tsepo Masilela couldn’t deal with the challenges and the pressures that come with plying your trade-in in the top 10 European leagues.

TywynWharf2002: Remember when Thomas and Percy were allowed to get angry and/or call someone out for their crap? Yeah, I miss those days.

theburiedtruck: “That’s not a happy ending!” cried Percy. “Ah,” murmured Thomas, “there will be one, but that will have to wait until after a word from today’s sponsor - Raid: Shadow Legends.”

DemonOfNowhere: * ( TTTE ) * thomas: "did you hear they built a tanker that looks like me in the states?" * percy: "does it carry boiler sludge?" * thomas: "shut up, you're jealous. i think it's nice-. " * toby: "it blew up. " * thomas: ". . . "

BostonAAFilm: Congratulations to Concord native Thomas Percy Kim, whose short film Si (now on HBO Max) was an BAAFF official selection in 2020! Donate to help Kim raise funds to expand Si into a full-length feature film called Isle Child:

JordanMaksSodor: If you adjust the dome and slap a J94 Austerity bunker on 1338 you have Percy.

AaydenWilson15: Gay Thomas and Percy didn’t know Toby was watchin!

heidingfromyou: Scrolling through “percy” on the trending tab to see funny pjo tweets and the random Thomas the tank engine tweets give me whiplash istg

gator_bot: Percy's not on the ship, Thomas!

DukeOfBenreBay: strausburg rusty is weirdly funny to me like ah yes, here we have the problematic children of sodor the rebellious dumbass (thomas), the dumbass(percy), and the rebellious smartass(mavis) and then the one any pronouns enby that cleans up everyones shit and i love it.

theburiedtruck: Dear friends, Percy’s trouser mishap was quite comical to Thomas, who couldn’t resist a tease. As we know, karma never strays far from the Island of Sodor - read about “push-pull problems” for yourself in “Thomas & Tail Lamps”! Yours truly, The Author

stwilfsmusic: Communion Motet: Verily, Verily I Say Unto You - Thomas Tallis Voluntary: Fanfare - Percy Whitlock (2/2)

ThomasTrainz3D: as i mentioned in this tweet, im looking for voice actors. So if you are interested send me a DM with the character you would like to voice! One small note: Only volunteer if you have some VA experience. The character that i need VA's for: Thomas Percy Toby Annie & Clarabel 1/?

Samiscool900: Thomas & Percy

engineersuzy: I cant for the life of me remember the episode title, what is the episode the features Thomas, Percy and James pulling a train together up to Ulfstead castle?

percyfan182: It was a close one, but Thomas, Percy and the Dragon has been eliminated Vote off your least favorite remaining Season 3 episode, next round will be in 24 hours

DemonOfNowhere: * ( TTTE ) * percy: "what if we get replaced at some point?" * thomas: "pooh, that'll never happen. " * percy: "how do you know that?" * thomas:

Smartervi11e: The Green Mile is loosely based on The Current Wars. Percy Wetmore is allegory for Thomas Edison’s deadly non-standard use of AC to instill fear. Nikola Tesla IS John Coffey. There was no tumor…

Sidekickjason: Runaway Percy | Percy's Predicament | Thomas and Friends Clip Remake

TB76_Returns: Minis Thomas and Percy on Garry's Mod! GMOD Workshop link:

Ta_Size_: Percy Tau must head to Burnley FC, Vincent Kompany is the manager now, and reunite with his former Anderlecht boss He must not come back to PSL

clhubes: In Thomas, the trains appear to have free will and yet they require a driver to move. Which means whenever Percy wants to bust out of Tidmouth Sheds and explore Sodor on a whim, he just drags a human along with him, no idea when or if they will ever return home.

SilverBand7: The first international railtour engine comes to us from a land down under. Premiers this Friday at 12:30pm EDT. See you then! Percy Fouls Up - Thomas and the Railtours - The Second Summer

gator_bot: Percy's not on the ship, Thomas!

percyfan182: Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure has been eliminated, and with that the game is almost halfway over Vote off your least favorite remaining Season 3 episode, next round will be in 24 hours

SkarloeyBoi: Hot take but I genuinely think Percy’s basis’ can be whatever British 0-4-0 you want because he literally changed shape constantly in the illustrations, and also just like Thomas, Henry, etc Sodor can have loco classes that only exist there, it’s not a far reach

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