Thomas Percy God Poems

  • 1.
    In the third day of May,
    To Carleile did come
    A kind curteous child,
    That cold much of wisdome.
  • 2.
    As it fell out on a Pentecost day,
    King Arthur at Camelot kept his court royall,
    With his faire queene dame Guenever the gay,
    And many bold barons sitting in hall,
  • 3.
    Of Brutus' blood, in Brittaine borne,
    King Arthur I am to name;
    Through Christendome and Heathynesse
    Well knowne is my worthy fame.
  • 4.
    There came a ghost to Margaret's door,
    With many a grievous grone,
    And ay he tirled at the pin;
    But answer made she none.
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