Wishes For My Son, Born On Saint Cecilia's Day, 1912 Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Now my son is life for youA
And I wish you joy of itB
Joy of power in all you doA
Deeper passion better witB
Than I had who had enoughC
Quicker life and length thereofD
More of every gift but loveD
Love I have beyond all menE
Love that now you share with meF
What have I to wish you thenE
But that you be good and freeF
And that God to you may giveG
Grace in stronger days to liveH
For I wish you more than II
Ever knew of glorious deedJ
Though no rapture passed me byI
That an eager heart could heedJ
Though I followed heights and soughtK
Things the sequel never broughtK
Wild and perilous holy thingsL
Flaming with a martyr's bloodM
And the joy that laughs and singsL
Where a foe must be withstoodN
Joy of headlong happy chanceO
Leading on the battle danceO
But I found no enemyF
No man in a world of wrongP
That Christ's word of charityF
Did not render clean and strongP
Who was I to judge my kindQ
Blindest groper of the blindQ
God to you may give the sightR
And the clear undoubting strengthS
Wars to knit for single rightR
Freedom's war to knit at lengthS
And to win through wrath and strifeT
To the sequel of my lifeT
But for you so small and youngU
Born on Saint Cecilia's DayV
I in more harmonious songP
Now for nearer joys should prayV
Simpler joys the natural growthW
Of your childhood and your youthX
Courage innocence and truthX
These for you so small and youngU
In your hand and heart and tongueU

Thomas Macdonagh


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mburu : Straight from my heart... The name I give your poem.. Flowing and sincere. Asante

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