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mcdonagheritage: There’s a lot going on in the Thomas MacDonagh Museum in Cloughjordan.

melindacapecod: You've got this! "God to you may give the sight And the clear undoubting strength" Thomas MacDonagh

OFidhne: ..shedding of blood of Irish patriots, my grandfather himself sitting in Dartmoor prison in England. Who are those 'vivid faces' in Yeats's 'Easter 1916? Thomas MacDonagh, John MacBride, James Connolly and Patrick Pearse, eternal heroes of the Irish Uprising and Ireland’s... 2/

lesley_storm: Collected Poems by Thomas MacDonagh available in ePub format on Google Books.

1SaoirseEireann: Wonderful photo of Thomas MacDonagh and son.

Sinabhfuil: Poem of the day: Though silence be the meed of death, In dust of death a soul doth burn ; Poet, rekindled by thy breath, Joy flames within her funeral urn. - Thomas MacDonagh.

ericus_rubrum: The Collected Poems of Thomas MacDonagh available from Google Books, soon to be available for Kindle.

TipperaryLive: Thomas MacDonagh Museum in Cloughjordan reopens to the public

TippFM: The Thomas MacDonagh Museum in Cloughjordan will welcome visitors over the bank holiday weekend

BalmitgereA: «We do not profess to represent the mass of the people of Ireland. We stand for the intellect and soul of Ireland». Thomas MacDonagh One of the seven leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916, a signatory of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic

HistoryOfEire: Muriel MacDonagh, wife of executed 1916 leader Thomas MacDonagh, drowns while swimming on Skerries south beach...I've always wondered if this wasn't an accident.

steelepicture: Muriel MacDonagh Today (9 July) marks the anniversary of the death of Muriel MacDonagh, wife of the executed 1916 Rising leader, Thomas MacDonagh.

OPWKilmainham: On 9 July 1917 Muriel MacDonagh, widow of the 1916 leader Thomas MacDonagh, got into difficulties and died while swimming near Skerries. Her two-year-old daughter Barbara was on the beach at the time, playing with shells her mother had given to her, now on display in our museum.

poetryireland: Theo Dorgan reads Francis Ledwidge's poem 'Lament for Thomas MacDonagh' for the Behind the Lines series. He explores some of the key themes and gives insight into the poem, which he says has "fascinated me for many years, for a number of reasons."

ThorEwing: In the wake of The Easter Rising of 1916, Grace was among those taken to Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin, along with her fiancé Joe Plunkett and her brother-in-law Thomas MacDonagh. On the wall of her her cell, Grace painted this Madonna (it has now been ‘restored’ beyond recognition).

densleysmind: liking austen is praxis btw thomas macdonagh said so

IrishRepubIic: 'There is always a chance of success for brave men who challenge fortune.' Thomas MacDonagh

Jamesmcgrath281: Thomas MacDonagh, signatory to the Irish proclamation of independence in 1916!

rsm2800: "The Stars Stand Up In The Air," composed by Eric Barnum, based on a text by Irish poet Thomas MacDonagh, performed by Choral Arts

TurlachMacD: Words And Music: Thomas MacDonagh

MikeParcej: Dec 16 Ffos Las. Only just raceable so Venetia must train a winner. Backing horses is as Easy as That!! Also Out the Glen, Freedelivery, Some Can Dance, Thomas Macdonagh, Deja Vue just that, he loves it here, and the mud loving Lac Sacre. Enjoyed every minute watching these.

DearbhailNR: 25 May 1885:Gerald Boland was born.A member of the IRB&IRA.He fought under Thomas MacDonagh & alongside my great grandfather James Farrell in Jacob’s factory. They were both arrested & interned in Frongoch. They faught together again in the Civil War but Boland went on to join FF

MacDonaghsGAA: 2006 Official Opening of Thomas Mac Donagh Complex. Pic 1: Presentation to Michael Banaghan & Roche Williams. Michael Hogan, Tom Cleary, Michael Banaghan, Roche Williams, Len Gaynor. Pic 2: Cronan Casey reading one of MacDonagh's Poems. Photo Credit: Bridget Delaney.

seanbgoneill: Thomas MacDonagh delivered his last lecture at Trinity on Pride & Prejudice before he died as a volunteer in the Easter Rising. He closed with "Ah, there's nobody like Jane, lads"

BarryMcColgan: Pádraig Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh and Thomas Clarke were executed 104 years ago today. RIP "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds."

Seanboy63800243: Executions began with Padraig Pearse, Thomas Clarke and Thomas MacDonagh being shot by firing squad at the Stonebreakers yard in Kilmainham Gaol

radicaldaily: May 3 1916 - Revolutionaries Patrick Pearse, Tom Clarke & Thomas MacDonagh executed for their roles in the Irish Easter Uprising

KarenCon1: And her poor sister married to Thomas MacDonagh drowned a year later in Skerries leaving two small children orphaned ..... Terrible tragedy.....

PadraigKenny: During the Easter Rising, Michael Colgan fought at Jacobs Factory alongside Thomas MacDonagh, John McBride and Vinny Byrne. In later life, he became a leader in the Irish trades unions movement and a senator in Seanad Éireann.

LonelyE_: Executions - 3rd May 1916: RIP Thomas MacDonagh RIP Padraig H. Pearse RIP Thomas J. Clarke We remember the people who fought for our country to the end.

AontuIE: Shot at dawn behind the high and cold limestone walls of Dublin's Kilmainham Gaol, Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke and Thomas MacDonagh gave their lives for Irish freedom. All three were senior figures in the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

PetloverHermine: 03May/1916: Irish Republicans Patrick Pearse (36) & Thomas MacDonagh (38) are executed by firing squad at Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin for their participation in the Easter Rising.

irelandincolour: As a child, he was a “small, sturdily built boy with curly brown hair and large grey eyes”.

Irelandherown: Remembering P.H. Pearse, Tom Clarke, and Thomas MacDonagh, who were executed on May 3, 1916.

AontuIE: They believed in the inalienable right of all peoples to national independence. Thomas MacDonagh, the Commandant of 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade, Irish Volunteers, was to the fore in Ireland's literary and cultural revival. In 1914 he wrote this poem. May Day

irelandincolour: Thomas MacDonagh A native of County Tipperary (Cloughjordan), born in 1878, MacDonagh spent the early part of his career as a teacher. He moved to Dublin to study, and was the first teacher on the staff at St. Enda’s, the school he helped to found with Patrick Pearse.

RealPMurphy: Thomas MacDonagh - executed on this day in Kilmainham, 1916. In Fermoy Co.Cork you'll find two plaques dedicated to him. MacDonagh was Professor of Languages in St Coleman's College and while there he became founder member of the teachers union, the ASTI.

NaofaAn: Sadly, his words ring true a century later Rest in peace, for it was peace you died for Thomas MacDonagh 1878-1916

NARIreland: At 4.15am on 3 May 1916, Thomas MacDonagh was one of three Rising leaders shot in the Stonebreakers' Yard in Kilmainham Gaol, having been found guilty by field general courts-martial of taking 'part in an armed rebellion and in the waging of war against His majesty the King'...

steelepicture: Pádraig Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh & Thomas Clarke were executed 104 years ago today. RIP "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds."

JamesConnollyVC: Tomás Mac Donnchadha | Thomas Mac Donagh Executed 3 May 1916 Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin A playwright and literary enthusiast, MacDonagh was the first teacher in St Enda’s School in Dublin. During the Rising, he was a Commander of the Second Battalion in Jacob’s Biscuit Factory.

LedwidgeThomas: On this day the 3rd of May 1916, Easter Rising Leaders Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke & Thomas MacDonagh were executed. “And when the dark cow leaves the moor and pastures poor with greedy weeds perhaps he’ll hear low and morn lifting her horn in pleasant meads.” Francis Ledwidge

AIAIreland: On this day in 1916, the illegal forces of the British Occupation of Ireland began to execute the leaders of the 1916 Rising, beginning with three members of the Provisional Government of the Irish Republic, Pádraig Pearse, Tom Clarke and Thomas MacDonagh

AIAIreland: "I, Thomas MacDonagh, having now heard the sentence of the Court Martial held on me today, declare that in all my acts, all the acts for which I have been arraigned. I have been actuated by one motive only, the love of my country, and the desire to make her a sovereign state”

UsLadies: Today in History for 3rd May 2020: Historical Events 1382 - Battle of Beverhoutsveld near Bruges in modern-day Belgium - the army of Ghent beats a drunken Bruges militia 1916 - Irish Nationalists Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh and Thomas Clarke are…

cbolgerr: On May 3, 1916, the first of the executions were held for the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. Padraig Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh, and Thomas Clarke were executed by firing squad in Kilmainham Jail.

MikeParcej: Nov 27 Wetherby. A cracking midweek card. Geobinator impressive, Eceparti, Ecu De La Noverie, Thomas Macdonagh, Clondaw Caitlin, but best of all, a pleasure to see David Wesley Yates owning another nice horse, as Ribble Valley wins again. A superb chasing prospect for 2021.

crimesofbrits: Irish Easter Rising leaders Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke & Thomas MacDonagh were taken out to the Stonebreaker’s Yard in Kilmainham jail and executed by the British via firing squad on this morning of 1916.

MacDonaghsGAA: "May Day" By Thomas MacDonagh "I wish I were today on the hill behind the wood, My eyes on the brown bog there and the Shannon River, Behind the wood at home, a quickened solitude When the wind from Slieve Bloom set the branches there a-quiver."

steelepicture: Pádraig Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh & Thomas Clarke were executed 103 years ago today. RIP "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds."

Irelandherown: On Easter Saturday I’m sharing Donagh MacDonagh’s account of Easter Saturday 1916. Also the fifth in the series of pen portraits of the seven signatories of the 1916 Proclamation, this one is of Thomas MacDonagh and is written by his son Donagh.

1916walkingtour: Patrick Pearse is the most obvious author. Doubtless there was some input from the other Military Council members – especially James Connolly – and it’s hard to imagine that poets Thomas MacDonagh and Joseph Plunkett did not add to the content.

MaryMcAuliffe4: 2/ ..he was a tall man, over 6 feet, with broad shoulders slightly stooped from long hours as a student & writer. But he had a soldierly bearing, very cool & determined. Thomas MacDonagh was also there ...he had given me a fine revolver. It would be one of my proudest possessions

dlLambo: Seán Healy (15) murdered by British Forces at Doyle’s Corner during the Easter Rising. Sent home from Jacob's by Thomas MacDonagh as he was too young to fight. But asked to deliver a message warning of an ambush in Phibsboro on his way home, he was shot in the head doing so

MacDonaghsGAA: (1/2) 1966 Easter Sunday Joseph MacDonagh, nephew of 1916 leader Thomas MacDonagh, adressing the crowd outside MacDonagh Park. (L to R) Roche Williams, Muriel Redmond (Grand daughter of Thomas MacDonagh), Lucille Redmond (Grand daughter)

MacDonaghsGAA: (1/2) 1966 Easter Sunday Joseph MacDonagh, nephew of 1916 leader Thomas MacDonagh, adressing the crowd outside MacDonagh Park. (L to R) Roche Williams, Muriel Redmond (Grand daughter of Thomas MacDonagh), Lucille Redmond (Grand daughter)

MaryMcAuliffe4: 5/ battalions under Patrick Pearse and Thomas MacDonagh, were going to mobilise, the response would be immediate. At once word was sent out to broadcast. Norah Connolly walked eighty miles during the week through the country about Dublin, carrying orders from headquarters.

fallon_donal: Lots of poetry on the timeline today, good for the soul. Here is a favourite, fitting for this weekend. Tom MacDonagh, writing for little Donagh. 'Wishes For My Son, Born On St Cecilia's Day, 1912'

MikeParcej: Nov 8 Hexham. A Sandwich meeting. The two pieces of bread, Ribble Valley and Thomas Macdonagh, gave us the best wins, but the meat inbetween, Wor Verge, Saint Freule, No Trumps and Square Viviani, weren't bad either. Sorry to note Her Majesty didn't make it up to see her winner!!

legacy_irish: Patrick Moran was a founder of the National Union of Vintners Grocers and Allied Trades Assistants. He fought under Thomas MacDonagh in the 1916 Rising, and refused his chance to escape prison just days before execution, allowing another man, Simon Donnelly, out in his place.

kirklegate: 5:30 Martin Pipe 0.5pt each-way Thomas Macdonagh 81.0 (6,1/5)

sheelaghnagig: Due to overwhelming demand, the evening with author and activist Nicole Rose is being moved to the Thomas MacDonagh Museum. Still this Sat, 7pm (not 8pm). See you there! Book tickets on Eventbrite:

discoverlderg: To celebrate the extended display in the Thomas MacDonagh Museum there will be an evening of dining, music & chat, on March 14th. For those who enjoy the ambiance of yesteryear; this is a "must" event. Tickets are €50 each for a 4 course dinner. To book call 0872096353.

TarbhEireann: I hate that most of the leaders of 1916 have been forgotten by the masses, their memories going into the collective "Men of '16". Éamonn Ceannt, Thomas Clarke, Thomas MacDonagh and Seán MacDiarmada aren't mentioned nearly enough. Plunkett is remembered through the song.

Macradh1: "Let England make no mistake, the generous high‑bred youth of Ireland will never fail to answer the call we pass on to them, will never fail to blaze forth in the red rave of war to win their country's freedom" - Thomas MacDonagh Onwards to the revolutionary youth movement!

GiollaEireann: Great little song written by Thomas MacDonagh ridiculing the seoiníní of the National Volunteers.

thepainterflynn: Today in 1878 Thomas MacDonagh, patriot, poet, critic and scholar, is born in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary

smark993: James Connolly, Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke, Thomas MacDonagh et al

2andaHalfTips: River Don Novices' Hurdle (2.05 Doncaster) Only 5 runners but packed with quality. Boss Man Fred & Thomas Macdonagh come here in search for their 4 timers but we are with CHAMPAGNE WELL. He brings the best form with a couple of 2nds at Cheltenham vs top novices. The one to beat.

craiggeegee: My doomed attempt at landing today's ITV7 (all prices bet365): 13:50 Chel – WARTHOG 13/2 14:05 Donc – THOMAS MACDONAGH 9/2 14:25 Chel – SLATE HOUSE 5/1 14:40 Donc – LADY BUTTONS 15/8 15:00 Chelt – KING ROLAND 15/8 15:15 Donc – RAVENHILL ROAD 15/2 15:35 Chelt – PAISLEY PARK 4/6

PaddyRacingPunt: Thomas Macdonagh is big odds

paulfergusonJTF: 15 entered in the G2 Classic Novices’ Hurdle but no The Big Breakaway. Champagne Well, Harry Senior, Protekorat, Sporting John, Thomas Macdonagh & Time Flies By among the possible runners. The 14 entries for the Finesse Juvenile inc Cerberus & Navajo Pass.

Safringo: She's more fair than the stars where they stand— 'Tis my grief that her ever I knew. - Thomas MacDonagh

RizzelTips: ...two hurdle runs suggest that a drop in trip could suit. He recently finished 2nd to promising novice hurdler, Thomas Macdonagh. He was giving him a competetive race for the most part, but faded late on. Connor Brace takes the, and he's arguably the best 3lb claimer in the UK.

CarelessMustard: 12:20 Musselburgh - Whiteoak Fleur 11/4 Sired by Black Sam Bellamy with useful offspring such as Sam Spinner and the flying Thomas MacDonagh, Whiteoak Fleur looks primed to break the maiden tag in this weakish race, excuses last time with the ground and in with a big chance!

JhartogsTours: Thomas MacDonagh from Co. Tipperary was based in Jacob's Biscuit Factory during Easter week. Photo- National Library of Ireland Thomas MacDonagh was born 1 February 1878 in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, to parents…

JhartogsTours: Thomas MacDonagh in uniform Thomas MacDonagh was born 1 February 1878 in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, to parents who were both National School teachers. MacDonagh was educated at Rockwell College, Cashel, where he…

JhartogsTours: Thomas MacDonagh from Co. Tipperary was based in Jacob's Biscuit Factory during Easter week. Photo- National Library of Ireland Thomas MacDonagh was born 1 February 1878 in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, to parents…

JhartogsTours: John MacDonagh, the brother of Thomas MacDonagh, toured Britain and America as a singer and actor before returning to Ireland in 1914, where he managed the Irish Theatre in Dublin. He also joined the Irish…

AIAIreland: Christmas Day 1922, Vol. Joseph MacDonagh, brother of executed Easter Rising leader Thomas MacDonagh, died on Hunger Strike while protesting treatment of Republicans by the Irish Free State A founding member of the Irish Volunteers, he fought in 1916 and was elected TD twice.

AnCamcheachta: Wishing you all the best Ruth; God willing, you'll get a visit from the Ghosts of Republican Christmas Past, Present and Future Yet to Come: - Thomas MacDonagh - Gerry Kelly - Irish Unity

CheltenhamTips: Jamie Snowden: Early Morning Rain Making Great Strides: Fresh from Tuesday’s win at Ffos Las with Thomas MacDonagh, the Folly House team are aiming to keep the winners coming this week.   Last week It was lovely to see Thomas MacDonagh win at Ffos Las…

TrainerIntent: Winning horses today which

MarkHolt08: Ffos Las Price Boost Double Thomas Macdonagh (14.05F) & Fanfaron Dino (15.45F) both to win 13/8

Turfline: Horse Racing 6Lbs clear or more selections on Rating System Software. Ffos Las 2.05 Thomas Macdonagh Plumpton 2.50 Flaminger Page 1/2

RacingTVresults: 14:05 at Ffos Las 1. Thomas Macdonagh 1/3 f 2. Colorado Doc 7/4 Full results here ▶️

rpfastresults: RESULT 14:05 Ffos Las 1st Thomas Macdonagh 1/3F 2nd Colorado Doc 7/4

Safringo: "The cuckoo was calling all day, Hid in the branches above, How my stóirín is fled away, 'Tis my grief that I gave her my love." –Thomas MacDonagh

CheltenhamTips: Jamie Snowden: Looking Back At Another Positive Week: It’s been another successful week and we’re now on 39 winners for the season. The progressive Thomas MacDonagh was a facile winner at Wetherby, with Early Morning Rain another impressive winner at…

paulfergusonJTF: Selected h’cap amends: Bun Doran +6 (156) Danny Whizzbang +8 (147) De Rasher Counter +11 (160) (* hurdles +7 (147)) Epatante +13 (150) Fanion d’Estruval +12 (149) Kalashnikov +6 (161) Magic Saint +7 (154) Oldgrangewood +7 (142) Ribble Valley NEW (142) Thomas Macdonagh +15 (132)

rpfastresults: RESULT 14:55 Wetherby 1st Thomas Macdonagh 7/2F 2nd Blaster Yeats 10/1 3rd Generation Gap 5/1

Super5Picks: THOMAS MACDONAGH!!!!!! Makes it 4 out of 4!!!!!! 1 to go!!!!

LedQuick: on thomas macdonagh at wetherby

uptheirons007: A proper old-fashioned day of jumping at Wetherby. Delighted to watch on from far (TV) as Thomas MacDonagh follows up his Hexham maiden win. Grand horse.

OLBG: Thomas Macdonagh a winner for the Hot Tips!

griptmedia: joined the Gaelic League & began studying with Thomas MacDonagh, with whom he formed a lifelong friendship. The two were both poets with an interest in theatre, and both were early members of the Irish Volunteers, joining their provisional committee.

JhartogsTours: John MacDonagh John MacDonagh, the brother of Thomas MacDonagh, toured Britain and America as a singer and actor before returning to Ireland in 1914, where he managed the Irish Theatre in Dublin. He also joined the…

RizzelTips: 1pt Win 1.50 Warwick - Maire Banrigh 15/8 2.55 Warwick - La Cavsa Nostra 6/4 0.75pt Win 3.50 Hexham - Thomas Macdonagh 11/8 0.5pt EW 1.35 Hexham - Casimir Du Clos 9/2 2.45 Hexham - Dontdelay 11/2 0.375pt EW 3.40 Fontwell - Cap Horner 8/1 0.25pt EW 4.10 Fontwell - Mr Tg 9/1

dontgiveafuk100: Midnight Tune 200Fontwell. Thomas Macdonagh 350Hexham Kid Commando 410 Fontwell. 3 horses worth betting , the trebles about 16/1

RacingTVresults: 15:50 at Hexham 1. Thomas Macdonagh 11/8 f 2. Teescomponentstrig 5/1 Full results here ▶️

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