The Youth Who Carried A Light Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I saw him pass as the new day dawnedA
Murmuring some musical phraseB
Horses were drinking and floundering in the pondC
And the tired stars thinned their gazeB
Yet these were not the spectacles at all that he connedC
But an inner one giving out raysB
Such was the thing in his eye walking thereD
The very and visible thingE
A close light displacing the gray of the morning airD
And the tokens that the dark was taking wingE
And was it not the radiance of a purpose rareD
That might ripe to its accomplishingE
What became of that light I wonder still its fateF
Was it quenched ere its full apogeeG
Did it struggle frail and frailer to a beam emaciateF
Did it thrive till matured in verityG
Or did it travel on to be a new young dreamer's freightF
And thence on infinitelyG

Thomas Hardy


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  • Traducción Española: La Juventud Que Llevó Una Luz Poema
  • Deutsche Übersetzung: Die Jugend, Die Ein Licht Trug Gedicht
  • Traduction française: La Jeunesse Qui Portait Une Lumière Poeme

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