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Inspirational quotes by Thomas Hardy

A resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible.
If a way to the better there be, it lies in taking a full look at the worst.
The fundamental error of their matrimonial union that of having based a permanent contract on a temporary feeling.
The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.
Though a good deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened.

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Thomas Hood Poem
The Forsaken
 by Thomas Hood

The dead are in their silent graves,
And the dew is cold above,
And the living weep and sigh,
Over dust that once was love.
Once I only wept the dead,
But now the living cause my pain:
How couldst thou steal me from my tears,
To leave me to my tears again?

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