His Country Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


He travels southward and looks aroundA
I journeyed from my native spotB
Across the south sea shineC
And found that people in hall and cotB
Laboured and suffered each his lotB
Even as I did mineC
and cannot discern the boundaryD
Thus noting them in meads and martsE
It did not seem to meD
That my dear country with its heartsE
Minds yearnings worse and better partsE
Had ended with the seaD
of his native countryD
I further and further went anonC
As such I still surveyedF
And further yet yea on and onC
And all the men I looked uponC
Had heart strings fellow madeF
or where his duties to his fellow creatures endG
I traced the whole terrestrial roundA
Homing the other sideH
Then said I What is there to boundA
My denizenship It seems I have foundA
Its scope to be world wideH
nor who are his enemiesI
I asked me Whom have I to fightJ
And whom have I to dareK
And whom to weaken crush and blightJ
My country seems to have kept in sightJ
On my way everywhereK

Thomas Hardy


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