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In spite of such self-disclosures, almost nothing is known about Theognis the man: little is recorded by ancient sources and modern scholars question the authorship of most of the poems preserved under his name.

Contents Life Ancient commentators, the poems themselves and even modern scholars offer mixed signals about the poet's life. Some of the poems respond in a personal and immediate way to events widely dispersed in time.

Ancient sources record dates in the mid-sixth century—Eusebius dates Theognis in the 58th Olympiad (548–45 BC), Suda the 59th Olympiad (544–41 BC) and Chronicon Paschale the 57th Ol...
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Theognis Poems

  • Fragments - Lines 0001 - 0004
    O lord, son of Leto, child of Zeus, you I shall never
    Forget, either beginning or coming to an end,
    But always, first and last and in the middle,
    I shall sing of you. And you, hear me and grant good things....
  • Fragments - Lines 0237 - 0254
    To you I have given wings, on which you may fly aloft
    Above the boundless sea and all the earth
    With ease. At feasts and banquets you will be present
    On all occasions, lying in the mouths of many, ...
  • Fragments - Lines 0425 - 0428
    Not to be born is the best of all things for those who live on earth,
    And not to gaze on the radiance of the keen-burning sun.
    Once born, however, it is best to pass with all possible speed through Hades' gates
    And to lie beneath a great heap of earth....
  • Fragments - Lines 1341 - 1350
    Alas, I am in love with a soft-skinned boy, who to all my friends
    Reveals that this is true, though he does so against my will.
    I shall endure without concealment the many outrages done in my despite,
    For not ill-favored is the boy whose conquest I am shown to be. ...
  • Fragments - Lines 0183 - 0192
    Among rams and asses and horses, Kyrnos, we look for those
    Of noble breeding, and a man wants them to mate
    From worthy stock. Yet a noble man does not mind marrying
    A base woman of base birth if she brings him money in abundance, ...
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Top 10 most used topics by Theognis

Son 5 Noble 4 Good 4 Sea 4 Never 4 Love 3 Wealth 3 Child 3 I Love You 3 Pleasure 3

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Comments about Theognis

  • Plastic_bio: adopt the character of the twisting octopus, which takes on the appearance of the nearby rock. now follow in this direction, now turn a different hue. - theognis of megara
  • Son_of_theognis: i wanna be your slave, i wanna be your master
  • Bowtiedlovebird: ancient wisdom for modern dummies the 6th century b.c. wisdom of theognis speaks to 21st century twitter animals. hard won wisdom it was, as theognis lost much of his status & tokens in a revolution. wisdom born of loss seems to last longer than the loss. quotes + comments 1
  • Granirau: a quote from theognis of megara. the point being, the gods aren't always angry with us. if they were, we'd know it.
  • Granirau: another quote from theognis of megara. there is a wide range of ills and virtues(arete being a type of excellence) in people. and a wide range of ways of life and livelihood.
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