Night Journey Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Now as the train bears westA
Its rhythm rocks the earthB
And from my Pullman berthB
I stare into the nightC
While others take their restA
Bridges of iron laceD
A suddenness of treesE
A lap of mountain mistF
All cross my line of sightC
Then a bleak wasted placeD
And a lake below my kneesE
Full on my neck I feelG
The straining at a curveH
My muscles move with steelG
I wake in every nerveH
I watch a beacon swingI
From dark to blazing brightC
We thunder through ravinesJ
And gullies washed with lightC
Beyond the mountain passK
Mist deepens on the paneL
We rush into a rainL
That rattles double glassK
Wheels shake the roadbed stoneM
The pistons jerk and shoveN
I stay up half the nightC
To see the land I loveN

Theodore Roethke


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