Stranger Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What if roses were blueA
What if violet's were redB
Will change the way you feelC
Towards meD
Or the world you seeD
I hate it when they fake careE
Choke on smoke can't breatheF
Last time I felt loveG
Was first gradeH
On my mother's front seatI
Everybody want s to fight with meD
Everybody always hated meD
Even strangers try to cover itJ
Always been used to itJ
In fact I am numb to itJ
Changed myself to feel AcceptedK
Two faced stand correctedL
Even though I never made itJ
I am a winner thoughM
In my own wayN
Why I always got to doubt myselfO
Why do I have to always stress myselfO
Why do I always have to find the badP
In all the good that I have always hadP
Maybe life is not for all of usQ
Maybe one day they will refer to usQ
Maybe then I will be the manR
That I have always wished to beD
No strings attachedS

The Real Hypnotic
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/29/2019


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