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I never thought it possible to feel alone. With all these people around me. I only trust poetry with my thoughts....
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  • Insensitive
    I don't really have friends
    I sit all alone during break
    All the people I called "friends"
    Are all gone to new grades ...
  • Friends
    Who shall I call when things go south
    The stench of hate reeks from their mouth

    They true colours exposed ...
  • Regret
    I am suicidal
    But I don't want to die
    I don't want to cry
    But I cause myself pain ...
  • Love Struck
    I am broken
    I am weakened
    My vision so cold
    Lost in my thoughts ...
  • Let Go
    I had always dreamed about you
    During the night and day too
    Day in and day out
    You always on my mind ...
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I Love You 4 Love 4 Never 4 Lost 2 Pain 2 Broken 2 Time 2 Hate 2 Feel 2 Thought 1

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Ernest Dowson Poem
Vain Hope
 by Ernest Dowson

Sometimes, to solace my sad heart, I say,
Though late it be, though lily-time be past,
Though all the summer skies be overcast,
Haply I will go down to her, some day,
And cast my rests of life before her feet,
That she may have her will of me, being so sweet
And none gainsay!


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