What if roses were blue
What if violet's were red
Will change the way you feel
Towards me?
Or the world you see?
I hate it when they fake care
Choke on smoke can't breathe
Last time I felt love
Was first grade
On my mother's front seat
Everybody want,s to fight with me
Everybody always hated me
Even strangers try to cover it
Always been used to it
In fact I am numb to it
Changed myself to feel Accepted
Two faced stand corrected
Even though I never made it
I am a winner though
In my own way

Why I always got to doubt myself?
Why do I have to always stress myself?
Why do I always have to find the bad
In all the good that I have always had
Maybe life is not for all of us
Maybe one day they will refer to us
Maybe then I will be the man
That I have always wished to be
No strings attached