I never fathomed
That one moment
Not very far into the future,
I would be nestling
A totally different view
From the one l was gestating
One moment
Not very far into the past.
Or is it because at that moment
I was hypnotized in drunkeness
Of occluded emotions,
Thinking with my feelings
And not with my mind.
But now that lm emersed
In the soberness of reality
I guess its true anyway
That we all meet to part
And we all part to meet.
Every juncture of seperation
Is an opportune frontier
Of harnessing new relationships.
I guess its true anyway,
Some bonds have to be broken
To fascilitate creation of new ones;
The chemistry of social dynamics.
I guess there are certain people
Who are just meant for the moment.
Then others
Who are meant for just a season.
And then those,
A chosen few,
Who are meant for all-time.
Forgive my being somewhat lackadaisical...
But the reality of the matter
Is somewhat caustic
Yet inevitable:
There are friends everywhere, Perhaps even better ones,
At the other side of life.