From the ashes I rise.
You show me cruelty,
A herat so numb with coldness,
It frightens to know one who possesses it.
Smile not when you see me suffer
For it is the beginning of my greatness.
I am a phoenix ,born in excruciating pain
In the heat of fire.

When you speak words of terror,
Like a cobra spitting venom.
Your words are murder.
Hold your laugh its not the end,
Oh no , I am a phoenix , i spread my wings
After five hundred years of slumber.

You give hope to everything you are not.
To myself I say ,' One day we will meet again'.
I am not an eagle , King of the sky.
I am not a dove , symbol of love and peace.
I am Phoenix.
After centuries of silence you will witness
My strength , the blaze in my veins.
Raising with fire bright and blinding.
I fly higher than the eagle,
The King of the skies will bow.
The dove will surrender to the most beautiful bird.