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  • Carry Me Away !
    carry me away -
    from coral lips and fishy like eyes,
    silky hairs and smooth touch,
    pearls like teeth. ...
  • Bad Time
    It's not my day today ,
    there are many problems
    and the way is full of thorn
    but it's not permanent. ...
  • Stability
    Fly as air And flow like river ,
    Be in your life As spotless mirror.

    Don't stop at One place, ...
  • Words
    There is great power in words,
    it can destroy the government
    or make peace
    in a dangerous war. ...
  • Voice Of Internal Soul
    At night
    when there is silence ,
    listen the voice of clock ,
    it speaks loudly . ...
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God 1 Pleasure 1 Great 1 Small 1 Knife 1 Hard 1 Precious 1 Creature 1 Live 1 Body 1

Surya Prakash Sharma Quotes

  • Life is not simple . Your way will full of problems but if there will a good companion with you . Your problems will be divided between two persons . Two good companion may laugh with each other , may weep with each other and may fight to the problem with together .
  • Never blame your luck, God , nature or time for your bad situation , only you are responsible for your best or worst .
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anupam: vry nice thought

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