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  • Tribute To Brave Soldiers !
    Who don't fear to enemy,
    And fight for their country.
    Who always want to see ,
    All the peoples free . ...
  • A Girl In My Life
    Your smile makes me happy ,
    And your tears make me sad.
    Your farness makes me weeping,
    And your nearness makes me glad. ...
  • For The Tree
    In nature god gave us tree ,
    To make them friends and let live them free .
    And God said,'' from these friends, life , you will gain
    '' you will get medicine in pain , ...
  • O Young !
    O young ! Do not stop.
    Till then you do not cross your aim line ,
    Getting your aim , likely sun you'll shine .
    This is your golden age , ...
  • Complete
    I wish , I could explain your eyes ,
    And your voice like as butterflies.
    Your heart that is pure as gold ,
    Your all words are epic , you ever told. ...
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God 1 Pleasure 1 Great 1 Small 1 Knife 1 Hard 1 Precious 1 Creature 1 Live 1 Body 1

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  • Life is not simple . Your way will full of problems but if there will a good companion with you . Your problems will be divided between two persons . Two good companion may laugh with each other , may weep with each other and may fight to the problem with together .
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anupam: vry nice thought

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