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markchappelle: Sy Smith in here rockin' some deep cut Stevie Wonder and lookin' good while doin' it. Get it!

SubversiveImage: Rock'n Roll Tarot Notebooks!

DEADLINE: ‘Bel-Air’: Drama Series Take On ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ From Morgan Cooper & Westbrook Studios Heats Up Streaming Marketplace

SamAlex1001: Thank you to Stevie Smith for this one...

tuiteirabr: pessoas e personagens com o mesmo eneagrama e mbti que eu: barbie ferreira stevie nicks cyndi lauper sza kate bush howl pendragon alice cullen avan jogia kanye west anne frank donald glover jules de euphoria hayley williams oscar wilde apolo jaden smith rebecca (crazy ex gf)

GylesB1: Day 139 of poetry & jumpers. By special request today a famous poem by Stevie Smith.

capturedtracks: "Set to feature unseen performances and footage never released from the extent of his career along, the film also boasts interviews from the likes of DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith, Mac DeMarco, Jessica Pratt, XTC's Dave Gregory, R. Stevie Moore and more."

siellosvieran: "But sometimes suffering measures life and ends it. And then it is not good at all. And between two people without knowing it a love may grow up, and a link may form, and no one knows or guesses." Stevie Smith (Andrés Aliaga)

siellosvieran: "Oh talking voice that is so sweet, how hold you alive in captivity, how point you with commas, semi-colons, dashes, pauses and paragraphs?” Stevie Smith, "Novel on Yellow Paper" (Eva Holz)

ColinMylrea: Going to read Stevie Smith’s poem about Spanish painters.

Cumbrae56Craig: Not waving but drowning. Stevie Smith

letterfuI: miss stevie smith,,,,,

gmfunk: Oh, no no no, it was too cold always (Still the dead one lay moaning) I was much too far out all my life And not waving but drowning. —Stevie Smith 2/2

stevie_g_smith: He's following this act up by signing The New Deal!

matthewwalker28: How to spot someone drowning; rather ruins the Stevie Smith poem.

op109: Sketch by cat-loving British poet Stevie Smith (1902-1971) InternationalCatDay

smilexmj: Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in the SAME studio. The power this have.

stevie_g_smith: D'OH!!! "New Yorkers capture a blackout that affected tens of thousands in Manhattan"

MSeeseTweets: Even MORE diabolical... I'm about halfway done. I just need the punchline.

wthirskgaskill: To which I would add: Kirsty MacColl and Stevie Smith.

stevie_g_smith: This sounds very much like "Person Woman, Man, Camera, TV". Ramblings of the village idiot.

WikiPickie: Oh, hear ye! Hear ye! Waving, not drowning, is the traditional survivor - even unto the third wave.. ..O my Best Beloved Stevie Smith, 1972

pop_society: Tonight’s episode features David Bowie, Patti Smith, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Big Star, the Fall, Roxy Music, Peter Gabriel and more.

ldonnay: Throwback Thursday: Stevie Smith, Sam Hill & Tyler Morland Race Psychosis in 'Seasons'

sympathetic_opp: there's a series of stevie smith poems where she just does humorously bad translations of great poetry/drama & in the years since i first encountered these poems, terrible translation ideas are ever more ready at hand

pop_society: On tomorrow’s COTR I’ve got tracks from David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, the Ruts, the Fixx, Big Star, Joe Jackson, Patti Smith, Roxy Music and more. So definitely not to be missed. Unless you’ve got something else to do. Join me from 8pm >>

middle_voter: Notorious “bogey-man” and thicko Ian Duncan Smith has complained about the Brexit deal. Which HE voted for. Not only that, here he is in the debate, telling the HoC how they’d all had plenty of time to consider it. Shame he didn’t actually bother.

lookatDworld: I was much farther out than you thought And not waving, but drowning. - Stevie Smith

amazon4amazon: There is a Stevie Smith poem called "Not Waving But Drowning" this made me think of.

JamesCrisp6: Here is a thread on why Iain Duncan Smith is wrong about British post-Brexit liabilities to the European Investment Bank 1/

diaz_pesantes: 147. Not Waving but Drowning. Stevie Smith.

MrCamW: If time travel were possible I'd go back to when Will Smith had to call Stevie Wonder and explain the concept of the song Wild Wild West in order to get permission to sample I Wish

marlinhoister: Paddling with uncertainty, wary of slipping and becoming wrong footed, hesitating to wade out with and in the lapping waves of this Stevie Smith short story. Beside the Seaside.

DirtStationLive: This date in dirt track history; August 2, 1992. It was the Outlaws vs. Posse at Susquehanna Speedway. Stevie Smith Jr. takes the win. Watch the best Moments in Central Pa. racing at:

JuliaMusings: I'm rather smitten with Stevie Smith's poetry and am considering a pilgrimage to Palmers Green.

kjlIP2dXDGHNgU8: Stanley Consuegra Gesicki Mike Stevie Case Geostorm Obsession Chauhan dynasty Zak Smith Lynn Air Safari All Cried Out Sacred Heart Musa Abena Sherman Richard George Uhle Eric Ambler Murphy Trent Andrew Poturalski Springfield College

slimeprxnce: Imagine a show with Stevie Griffin, Roger Smith and Adam West. It would be pure chaos.

MSeeseTweets: FUN, though admittedly diabolical. I'm about two phrases away from done.

raptalkSK: MY TOP 10 FAVORITE R&B ARTISTS‼️ 1. Frank Ocean 2. Daniel Caeser 3. Bryson Tiller 4. The Weeknd 5. Kali Uchis 6. Drake (when he wants to be) 7. Jhené Aiko 8. Chris Brown 9. Jorja Smith 10. Stevie Wonder lmk what you think! rt’s appreciated!

rld_real_CPR: Stevie Smith Discusses and Recites "Not Waving But Drowning"

wdclibraries: Poem of the Day - The Heavenly City by Stevie Smith

harvsblues: Happy Birthday Kenny Burrell (July 31, 1931) is a jazz guitarist. His collaborations with Jimmy Smith produced the 1965 Billboard Top Twenty hit album Organ Grinder Swing.Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan have cited Burrell as an influence.

GBarta42384: Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, Big Bossman, John Cena, The Rock, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bret & Owen Hart, Natalya, British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, The Road Warriors/Legion Of Doom, Nasty Boys, Harlem Heat Booker T & Stevie Ray I Can Keep Going! Lol!

TheKennyDevine: I guess it's ok that Dan Andrew answers literally every question put to him by everyone every day....but I still tune into Peta Credlin, Chris Smith, Andrew Bolt, & Paul Murray on Sky News to find out what's *really* going on in Victoria. It just makes sense.

DFCDSA: On This Day 2011 Dundee travel to the Bet Butler Stadium to take on Dumbarton in the first round of the Scottish League Cup. Barry Smith’s side are dominant throughout and progress with a 4-0 win thanks to goals from Stevie Milne (2), Jamie McClusky and a Matt Lockwood penalty

thezainabonuh_: Hozier - Hozier Wasteland Baby - Hozier The Thrill of It All - Sam Smith X - Ed Sheeran Songs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder Faith - George Micheal Growth - Jon Bellion Innervisions - Stevie Wonder Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps - Fireboy The Homecoming Album - Beyoncé

PodVanDam: Sucks there’s not going to be a Wrestle Rager. I was going to wear a sweet crop top like Stevie Richards, or 90’s Will Smith.

0L5HVHq2vqxSTwp: Bugsy Chaos;Head – Love Chu*Chu! Palmyrene Empire Los Medanos College Republican Conference Secretary Jason Smith Chopper Shogi Bowdoin College Stevie Wonder Navajo Wars Time Crisis: Razing Storm HSBC Bank USA What I Am Vancouver Istanbul

RiLARosa: I always thought I was a tenor lol I feel like I can sing in a man like Stevie’s range or even Sam Smith so well...

peterkidder: Stevie Wonder,Whitney Houston,Will Smith

IMcMillan: Thank you Ange; it just came to me as I was contemplating the phrase Second Wave and thinking about the old Stevie Smith poem.

Thouotes: Quote by Stevie Smith

dankquote: Quote by Stevie Smith

ReadWriteRoll: "I was much further out than you thought / And not waving but drowning." - from Stevie Smith's "Not Waving but Drowning, 1972.

QuercusBooks: Frank Skinner wants you to read more poetry. In this short, delightful book, he guides us through the twists & turns of 'Pad, pad' by Stevie Smith. Frank's infectious passion for language, rhythm & metre will provide you with the tools to tackle any poem. Out in September.

lionheartleojai: In no particular order: Stevie Nicks P!nk Susanna Hoffs Patti Smith Chrissie Amphlett

CloverCapri: Another week with two shows. The first show was NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING STARS, about an Italian village at the end of WWII described by the New Yorker as "so good it's thrilling." The second was STEVIE, about British poet Smith. ... Ebert said good things about the acting.

mssenator: Daniel Smith, living son of a slave at 88, shares his family’s story - The Washington Post

avaunt_la_garde: When a male critic surveys British poetry in 1996 & entitles ch. 17 (=2 pp) "Some Women": "Elsewhere in this survey, I discuss a number of women poets, from Stevie Smith to Wendy Cope and Carol Ann Duffy. To corral others of them together in this section is, I would agree, ..."

Shelley_Meagher: A lovely companionable wander through loneliness in the poems of Coleridge, Milton, Dickinson, and Stevie Smith with a touch of Emerson and The Beatles. 13 mins. Salutary for those in lockdown!

dillydroop: I've posted this vid before but it's so funny Stevie Riks so talented He did a few vid messages for me they're brilliant his impressions of Rob Smith (the Cure), Ozzy and Brian May are amazing I'm well pleased If u haven't seen his Numan vid links below

DirtStationLive: This date in dirt track history; July 26, 1987. Jim Nace and Stevie Smith Jr. battle at Susquehanna Speedway on this day 33 years ago. Watch over 1,500 dirt track videos spanning 80 years at:

pearlparky: Who are your Top 5 female music artists? Hard to narrow it to 5, but I think mine are: 1. Annie Lennox 2. Aretha Franklin 3. Stevie Nicks 4. Patti Smith 5. Janis Joplin

rotaniugait: bué triste pensava que a Lana ia envelhecer como a Stevie Nicks ou Patti Smith but she's really going for a Sarah Pallin

TheHoopCentral: J.R. Smith is BACK

stevie_g_smith: Yes LOL

MarkCulham1: Above poem Stevie Smith

MarkCulham1: Above Poem Stevie Smith

thisisall1word: both waving and drowning

JJWatt: Just saw that Alex Smith has been cleared for full football activity, what an incredible return. Couldn’t be happier to hear it, truly rooting for his success.

MSeeseTweets: This should be fun.

BuncranaHearts: A minutes applause in memory of our former Captain & Chairman Derek Smith prior to tonight's game against Carn FC. Also remembered were two great Inishowen Football men Mickey Doherty & Stevie Doherty.

BlanchettBlues: Stevie Nicks, Tina Fey, Patti Smith, Linda Cardellini and Cate Blanchett

Stevie_Lamar6: Barnes over smith ?

ClassicSoulNet: Now Playing! Little Stevie & Jay "Dusty" Smith - Upfight

MarkCulham1: Above poem Never Again by Stevie Smith *I would not be dragged by fate

FaberBooks: 'The grass is green The tulip is red A ginger cat walks over The pink almond petals on the flower bed.' Oh grateful colours, bright looks! Stevie Smith

thecommonbreath: "And I love them at the point where they say: It is nice to see you again. And I love them too at the point when they say: Good-bye, come again soon. The rhythm of friendship is a very good rhythm." - from 'Novel on Yellow Paper' (1936) by Stevie Smith

CovidSolidarit1: Poem of the Day. But it's Stevie Smith, so don't take it too seriously!

LiamWATP: Lee McCulloch and Stevie Smith

ReverendDrDash: The Heatmakerz to provide a cinematic vibe. Ringo Smith off the strength of Doin' It being my favorite song for 3 years. Stevie J because every time he's on camera playing a beat for a disinterested legend, the shit be sounding good.

SarahSkelding: Dreamhouse - Alison Habens The Left Hand Of Darkness - Ursula K LeGuin The Falco series (a cheat, I know) - Lindsey Davis Red Rosa - Kate Evans A Novel On Yellow Paper - Stevie Smith

TweetsBeach: Got my Eugene Ludins watercolor sketches. Little bit Stevie smith little bit william stieg

nateblackout: List 5 famous people you've either met or have been within a few feet of, but ONE is a lie. Then let your friends guess which one they think is a lie. My five are: 1. Beyonce 2. Oprah 3. Will Smith 4. Stevie Wonder 5. Kendrick Lamar Who is my lie?

finnbrranson: Stevie Smith was one of the last authors I studied for my degree I recently wrote about how she & Gillian Rose rethink empathy for the Jewish victims of Nazi Germany They transformed my perspective. If you can spare a minute, see if they change yours

masnSteve: Brandon Hyde said Stevie Wilkerson will see a hand specialist tomorrow, swelling in left hand ring finger. Also Dwight Smith Jr. will go in injured list due to his reporting late.

danconnolly2016: Stevie Wilkerson has swelling in his left hand ring finger. Will see a hand specialist. Will know more Mon. Also, O's in process of placing Dwight Smith Jr. on the IL because of his late arrival (due to Covid-19). He can be removed at any time, including before the season starts.

JoeTrezz: Depth? Always needed and so important. Roughly 2 1/2 weeks into summer camp, the Orioles have lost the following players to injury, to varying degrees: Richie Martin John Means Stevie Wilkerson Ty Blach Dwight Smith Jr Anthony Santander

400_Reek: I will never be a Will smith I’m more of a Stevie J type of Nigga

1ammarruslan: Not Waving but Drowning -Stevie Smith- Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still he lay moaning: I was much further out than you thought And not waving but drowning.

afterglow2046: The Dispossessed by Ursula K LeGuin The Holiday by Stevie Smith The Winter Birds by Helen Cresswell Thunder & Lightning by Lauren Redniss Summer Book by Tove Jansson

imaNewman_: The only people that can have me star struck if I met them rn would be. Stevie, Kanye, Jay, Wayne, Bow, Pharrell, JT, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel and Usher. If I met any of them I’m geeking for sure

Stevie_Easton: Data as plural of datum is still useful for some. There new common version is not singular, it is a mass noun aka uncountable noun. Like rice or water or sand, it is used with a measure, eg 'I have 10gb of data' vs. 'Yo Dr Smith, what do the new data from our experiment tell us?'

TheIrishField: Sinjaari (Stevie Donohoe) gives trainer William Haggas his third win in the John Smith's Cup at York.

RSPCA_Bookshop: Stevie Smith, Collected Poems

ledburyfest: Weekend listening with Ali Smith. From Eliot's 'Little Gidding' to 'Away, Melancholy' by Stevie Smith, hear one of Britain’s great writers share her best-loved poems with Suzi Feay at our festival in 2019.

MSeeseTweets: You know, I once was a newspaper reporter, covering the police beat.

L_persevere: Tim Smith calls Daniel Andrews a friendless Loser. Well we all know..

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