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a_furst: Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith – Compass Songs

HoggNFL: PACKERS WIN 27-16 & move to 3-0 MVS: 6-99-1 Defense with 6 sacks & 3 takeaways Preston Smith: 3 sacks Za'Darius Smith: 2 sacks Rashan Gary: Sack & FR Darnell Savage: INT

PhebePhillips: So it’s Sunday Evening, and time for a Cat Poem from a long-ago poet. Listen:

poorbabyboomer: Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want healing and blessings for Stevie Wonder Barbara Walters Celine Dion Kevin Hart Alex Trebek B. Smith Bill Gates, Sr Tina Turner

etamny: fellow Stevie Smith fans: do I want to see Stevie (1978)?

radiovideojazz: MENU DU JOUR (1/3) >> Leonard Cohen Jaco Pastorius John Legend The Roots Ben Harper Nirvana Mumford & Sons Sheryl Crow David Bowie Robert Glasper Mahavishnu Orchestra Wes Montgomery Jimmy Smith Stevie Wonder Eric Clapton Mark Knopfler

blackityblvck: Method Man with his then girlfriend, now wife, Tamika Smith (1995) Photographed by Lise Sarfati

HelenRBarton: Stevie Smith, British Novelist and Poet, born 20th September 1902

SocialEspionage: Life may be treacherous, but you can always depend on death. - Stevie Smith

LSmithMurphy: "All poetry has to do is to make a strong communication. All the poet has to do is listen." -- Stevie Smith

scribbleymark: Simone de Beauvoir: In society, becoming a woman is a learned behavior, not a genetic trait. Stevie Smith: UHHHM........WHY DO YOU HATE WOMEN, Simone de Beauvoir ?!!?!?!

NORTHTRENTON: Happy Birthday to Stevie Smith (d. 1971), Jean Dreville (d. 1997) and Vera Faddeeva (d. 1983).

stevie_g_smith: He's been sending intel since 2003. This doesnt feel like a win. Hezbollah Scout Scoped Out NYC Attack Targets: Feds

OverflowRanch: Happy Birthday Stevie Smith

CelebBirthdayUK: September 20 Today is the anniversary of the birth of Stevie Smith Kenneth More Fernando Rey Johnny Dankworth Rachel Roberts

meskahl: “my muse sits forlorn, she wishes she had not been born, she sits in the cold, no word she says is ever told.” - Stevie Smith

elitelitbkgrp: It's the birth date of Stevie Smith. Here's "In My Dreams": In my dreams I am always saying goodbye and riding away, Whither and why I know not nor do I care. And the parting is sweet and the parting over is sweeter, And sweetest of all is the night and the rushing air.

HBurpday: September 20 Today is the anniversary of the birth of Stevie Smith (1902) Kenneth More (1914) Fernando Rey (1917) Johnny Dankworth (1927) Rachel Roberts (1927)

CoreyMesler: says, Happy Stevie Smith's birthday. This is her poem, "Miss Snooks, Poetess" Miss Snooks was really awfully nice And never wrote a poem That was not really awfull nice And fitted to a woman, She therefore made...

Hullhistorynews: Find out more about our Stevie Smith collection here:

ARTSalamode: "There are moments of despair that come sometimes, when night sets in and a white fog presses against the windows. Then our house changes its shape, rears up and becomes a place of despair. Then fear and rage run simply--and the thought of Death as a friend." Stevie Smith

vert_rayon: Stevie Smith (20 September 1902 – 7 March 1971) This line from De Quincey, which Smith quotes, perfectly describes this novel: "So mixed and intertwined in this life are occasions for laughter and tears."

poorbabyboomer: Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want healing and blessings for Stevie Wonder Tina Turner Alex Trebek Barbara Walters B. Smith Bill Gates, Sr Kevin Hart Celine Dion

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to English writer and poet Stevie Smith (September 20, 1902), author of "Scorpion and Other Poems" (1972) and other works.

deadpoets_live: “Oh feed to the golden fish his egg Where he floats in his captive bowl, To the cat his kind from the womb born blind, And to the Lord my soul”

AlbertBookclub: We are reading Novel on Yellow Paper by Stevie Smith and discussing it 15.10.19 9pm ish. Read, chat, drink repeat.

todayquotes: "This Englishwoman is so refined she has no bosom and no behind." Stevie Smith, wb 117 today You might like her poetry collections, like "Not Waving But Drowning"

RoyMaynee: BREAKING: Rapper 6ix9ine testifies that KRGV’s Tim Smith aka “Cold Front Killa” is a confirmed member of the Nine Trey Bloods ➡️

LordHull: Today in 1902: Stevie Smith, famous Hull poet, was born. She became known as ‘Stevie’. Her best-known collection of poems is said to be Not Waving But Drowning, published in 1957. It is also thought that Stevie had an affair with the married George Orwell.

babybeatlefreak: Also born on this day, novelist Stevie Smith (Not waving but drowning)(1902), Kenneth More (1904) and John Dankworth (1927).

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To lift a sword at me,
Or was it she, or was it she,

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