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film_und_foto: This was my local library in my school days. Happy memories of hearing Stevie Smith reading her poems here amongst others

NDC_1872: Stevie Smith legging it

rabihalameddine: Today's poem: Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith

mr_oglesby: “I was much too far out all my life And not waving but drowning.” — Stevie Smith, Not Waving but Drowning

KentNealPoete: Stevie Smith's poem "My Hat

floramargarine: has anyone read a lot of stevie smith xxx

DavidCollard1: 'The English, the cruel cynical flippant frivolous pragmatical English of the upper governing classes, the enemies of philosophy and music and of every high abstract idea. With greed and pride and arrogance they possess the earth.' (Stevie Smith, Novel on Yellow Paper (1936))

poorbabyboomer: May the creator shine on, Alex Trebek Bill Gates, Sr B. Smith Pat Sajak Stevie Wonder Tina Turner

dearsaintnobody: Presently: Stevie Wonder Durand Bernarr Sam Smith Adam Lambert Luke James Deceased: Michael Jackson Luther Vandross Prince George Michael Sylvester

FieldYates: Geno Smith approached that coin toss with complete confidence and readiness. Knew what he needed and he got it. Ice water in his veins.

causalinf: Now imagine the friend is a sort who grins and bears it. She endures suffering with a facade. In Stevie Smith’s poem, she may be drowning, not waving. Then even more you may not ever know she received no support bc then she may not even share it. 3/n

Rangers_today: 2006: Kris Boyd and Stevie Smith are on the mark as Rangers triumph 2-0 over Dunfermline at Ibrox.

DebsF319: Poem of the week: My Hat by Stevie Smith

DrJKaup: Poem of the week: My Hat by Stevie Smith

terracepodcast: It should forever be remembered Ally McCoist decided against trying to sign Andy Robertson and instead brought Stevie Smith back to Rangers.

tomas_a_smith: lethal injection is stevie mania

WhitakerMalachi: 'Mother said if I wore this hat I should be certain to get off with the right sort of chap Well, look where I am now, on a desert island With so far as I can see no one at hand.' Witty, rebellious, unique My Hat by Stevie Smith in the Guardian

darrenhayes: We worked with musical legends. Steve Smith, the legendary drummer for Journey, played on many tracks. Michale Landau, guitarist for Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson etc, Bass by Nathan East (Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Toto!) Strings by Jeremy Lubbock (Off the Wall, Thriller)

MSeeseTweets: Ok then....

Station3Ent: The Inheritance is decorated with portraits of men lost to AIDS. Carson McCalley, a 23-year-old gay member of the company, said that many of them were actors “What they would give to have the opportunity to be onstage here—and now I have that opportunity.”

poetry_station: Poem of the week: My Hat by Stevie Smith

evencleveland: Stevie Smith poems of the day:

Stevie_Johnason: RT mrandrewdickson "Aston Villa boss Dean Smith speaking about Alfredo Morelos today: “I certainly saw his goal last night, it was a very good finish but it’s a player that’s contracted to another football club and we’re not a club that talks about him.""

stevie_g_smith: Sometimes ya have to laugh

LorenRaeDeJ: Not only did I get to use Soylent Green in the title, there’s a little reference to a lovely Stevie Smith poem down in the weeds.

historyinmoment: Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder at the Motown Studios, 1974.

mission_priest: Poem of the week: My Hat by Stevie Smith

musserk: Wonderful poem Poem of the week: My Hat by Stevie Smith

julie_runacres: Poem of the week: My Hat by Stevie Smith

OD_SMITH: Stevie g doing absolute bits at rangers. Him and lamps gonna be fighting for that England job one day.

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One Of The Unfair Sex
 by Ambrose Bierce

She stood at the ticket-seller's
Serenely removing her glove,
While hundreds of strugglers and yellers,
And some that were good at a shove,
Were clustered behind her like bats in
a cave and unwilling to speak their love.

At night she still stood at that window

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