Who is Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov

Mikhail LermontovLermontov in 1837BornMikhail Yuryevich Lermontov
October 15 [O.S. October 3] 1814
Moscow, Russian EmpireDiedJuly 27 [O.S. July 15] 1841 (aged 26)
Pyatigorsk, Caucasus Oblast, Russian EmpireOccupationPoet, novelist, artist
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Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov Poems

  • The Palm Branch Of Palestine
    Palm branch of Palestine, oh tell me,
    In that far distant home-land fair,
    Wast rooted in the mountain gravel
    Or sprung from some vale garden rare? ...
  • Native Land
    I love my native land with such perverse affection!
    My better judgement has no standing here.
    Not glory, won in bloody action,
    nor yet that calm demeanour, trusting and austere, ...
  • The Prayer
    When faints the heart for sorrow,
    In life's hard, darkened hour,
    My spirit breathes a wondrous prayer
    Full of love's inward power. ...
  • To The Clouds
    Clouds--ye eternal wanderers in hunting grounds of air,
    High o'er the verdant Steppes, wide through the blue of heaven--
    Coursing fraternal,--say, must ye exiled as I
    From the beloved North to the far South be driven? ...
  • The Dispute
    Once 'mid group of native mountains
    Hot dispute arose,
    Elbrus, angry, did with Kasbek
    Argument propose. ...
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Heart 14 Soul 12 I Love You 11 Love 11 God 10 Cold 9 Sun 8 Alone 8 Peace 8 Earth 8

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  • Molliepiano: rachmaninoff's piece the rock, is a tone poem for orchestra. this is a type of piece that depicts a story or scene. this poem by mikhail yuryevich lermontov is printed in the score: "the golden cloud slept through the night upon the breast of the giant-rock" /1
  • Garsshortreads: 2. the fatalist, mikhail yuryevich lermontov. it feels a bit cliche that the second russian story is one about inevitability and death. some soldiers, tiring of gambling, debate whether death is the result of chance or destiny.
  • Mothlais: the painting is based on the famous russian poem “the demon” by mikhail yuryevich lérmontov. in the poem, the devil has fallen in love with tamara, but this is an impossible love because with his first kiss he will kill her.
  • Modernlibrary: mikhail yuryevich lermontov, born october 15, 1814. i want to reconcile myself with heaven, i want to love, i want to pray, i want to believe in good.
  • Divi_by_zero: best wishes to mikhail yuryevich lermontov, born today in 1814. "no, not with you..." 1841 link and text too; in thread, 3/3 verses.
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