The only chapter in my book

By Steve Anc

What a magnificent being you are!
Oh my girl!
You flung my heart in the turbid,
Purged it in Crystal water.

Infinitum dreams had bustled the
still river of my heart
Always wish to lie beside
you in the future.

To know for a second that you are mine;
Mine in body and soul,
I craving to apprehend
I will bear unending torture to
keep you forever.

The idea, we are not meant to be
invaded my thoughts as soldier ants,
When kinfolks gaited
With a lighter faith and heavy terror,
I wish to sift their sentence,
A love like this fears no death!

In tranquil corner of my memory
I wrote your name
Cuase you wrote mine in your project
Just a blink from your eyes
Hope ignites in my heart.

In the joyful and peaceful part of me,
I would love to make your heart my heaven
Your heart and mine, I wish it becomes one,
A choice I am glad to make
The only chapter in my book!