The Only Chapter In My Book Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The only chapter in my bookA
By Steve AncA
What a magnificent being you areB
Oh my girlC
You flung my heart in the turbidD
Purged it in Crystal waterE
Infinitum dreams had bustled theF
still river of my heartD
Always wish to lie besideD
you in the futureE
To know for a second that you are mineG
Mine in body and soulH
I craving to apprehendD
I will bear unending torture toD
keep you foreverE
The idea we are not meant to beI
invaded my thoughts as soldier antsJ
When kinfolks gaitedD
With a lighter faith and heavy terrorE
I wish to sift their sentenceK
A love like this fears no deathL
In tranquil corner of my memoryI
I wrote your nameM
Cuase you wrote mine in your projectD
Just a blink from your eyesN
Hope ignites in my heartD
In the joyful and peaceful part of meI
I would love to make your heart my heavenO
Your heart and mine I wish it becomes oneO
A choice I am glad to makeA
The only chapter in my bookA

Steve Anc
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/28/2019


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Tunde Aroloye: English people do not speak like this.

Africans would understand it, but not Oyinbos.

You have a spelling mistake around line 22?

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