Joyful Heart Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oh joyful heartA
On the highest wing you soarB
Building your nest in theC
heart of menD
As the only sweet songE
from the river of BabylonF
Oh joyful heartA
He that studies thy rhythmG
beckons joyH
Your melody melts my heartA
Singing in the shadeI
where all things restJ
Oh joyful heartA
In vengeance we dwellK
Confraternities lured the heartA
Tit for tat the mouth saidL
In lack and nightmareM
our feet plantN
Plant thy seed in a bully conscienceO
Oh joyful heartA
I call thee from withinP
The only vibe that alter envy worthlessQ
As jealousy left as dejected entityR
Acrimony eyed thee with gaspS
Asperity spat at thy footprintT
Causticity seeks thy downfallU
Tartness wish to bath with theeR
Oh joyful heartA
In thee I found succourM
Paint me with empathyR
and uproot psychopathV
My song of melodyR
I rehearsed for theeR

Steve Anc
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/15/2019


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