Spike Milligan Life Poems

  • 1.
    There are many diseases,
    That strike people's kneeses,
    Scorflufus! is one by name
    It comes from the East
  • 2.
    Unaware of my crime
    they stood me in the dock.

    I was sentenced to life....
  • 3.
    I was thinking of letters,
    We all have a lot in our life
    A few good - a few sad
    But mostly run of the mill-
  • 4.
    The clock has turned enough
    to reach a planet
    Life is endless night
    I hear wings beating in
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Annie Dawkins: A delight to young and all. A genius.
lilyloveesponies: spike milligan makes me laugh so much lol XD
Andrew P. Smith: No doubt a genius- just thinkin about him makes me smile- Terrific Stuff! They don't make'm anymore

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