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Jones Very (August 28, 1813 – May 8, 1880) was an American poet, essayist, clergyman, and mystic associated with the American Transcendentalism movement. He was known as a scholar of William Shakespeare and many of his poems were Shakespearean sonnets. He was well-known and respected amongst the Transcendentalists, though he had a mental breakdown early in his career.

Born in Salem, Massachusetts to two unwed first cousins, Jones Very became associated with Harvard University, first as an undergraduate, then as a student in the Harvard Divinity School and as a tutor of Greek. He heavily studied epic poetry and was invited to lecture on the topic in his home town, which drew the attention of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Soon after, Very asserted that he was the Second Coming of Christ, w...
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Jones Very Poems

  • The Fair Morning
    The clear bright morning, with its scented air
    And gaily waving flowers, is here again;
    Man's heart is lifted with the voice of prayer,
    And peace descends, as falls the gentle rain; ...
  • Beauty
    I gazed upon thy face--and beating life,
    Once stilled its sleepless pulses in my breast
    And every thought whose being was a strife
    Each in its silent chamber sank to rest; ...
  • The Morning Watch
    'Tis near the morning watch, the dim lamp burns
    But scarcely shows how dark the slumbering street;
    No sound of life the silent mart returns;
    No friends from house to house their neighbors greet; ...
  • Ehue! Fugaces, Posthume, Labuntur Anni
    Fleeting years are ever bearing
    In their silent course away
    All that in our pleasures sharing
    Lent to life a cheering ray. ...
  • The New Man
    THE hands must touch and handle many things,
    The eyes long waste their glances all in vain;
    The feet course still in idle, mazy rings,
    E'er man himself, the lost, shall back regain; ...
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Kjo_mino: i *finally* finished daisy jones and the six and oh it was so good. i little different from the book but not enough to detract from the story and ideas. very good loved it. definitely cried at the end
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