This relationship got me feeling kinda lonely
love-you/">I love you for real but something is feeling somewhat phony
Its like you only love me when I'm there
As soon as I turn my back you dont seem to care

I wish I could somehow read what's on your mind
Am I just another flirt that's passing your time?
Cause if I am, surely that would hurt
But I'd rather kick rocks than let you make feel like dirt

Sometimes I wish I could let you know that Im no longer okay
But you're too damn arrogant, what's important is what you always have to say
Im stubborn, Im not the type to complain
I'll just continue loving you instead while my heart endures the pain

I've made many mistakes and I don't want to count you as one
I hold onto us, fearing the ending has just begun
I want to spend the rest of my life with you that's for sure
However when I'm not being appreciated I never hesitate walking out the door