Who is Siya Selani

Intern journalist in print media and aspiring radio broadcaster. Poetry-writer known for mostly love and break-up poems. Mentors other aspiring young poets into improving their writing techniques and finding their beat. ...
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Siya Selani Poems

  • Lonely Path
    A walk path down this lonely heart
    Blinded by love from the start
    They come and go like annual seasons
    Than leave me broken for now reason ...
  • Mind To Heart
    Nearly two years have past
    Since the day I saw you last
    Regardless I always had you in my thoughts
    And my heart loving you the most ...
  • Crazy
    I laugh and laugh until my tears fall down
    I laugh and laugh until my heartbeat skips a round
    What for, I dont even know
    Do I have a brain, I doubt so ...
  • My Heart
    Tall and handsome just the way I like
    With good brains, that could do me right
    I knew at hello he was the one
    Passionate and dedicated with a twist of fun ...
  • Feelings
    This relationship got me feeling kinda lonely
    I love you for real but something is feeling somewhat phony
    Its like you only love me when I'm there
    As soon as I turn my back you dont seem to care ...
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