Who is Siya Selani

Intern journalist in print media and aspiring radio broadcaster. Poetry-writer known for mostly love and break-up poems. Mentors other aspiring young poets into improving their writing techniques and finding their beat. ...
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Siya Selani Poems

  • Deep Down Inside
    The word love is difficult to define
    It's what we feel from deep down inside
    We chase it, though it makes us blind
    Desire it, though been hurt numerous times ...
  • Life Of Mine
    Like a river we flow
    To a place no one knows
    The love written in my brown eyes
    Heats the coldness of the mountain high ...
  • Peeping Tom
    I rise before the morning sun
    Peeping tom, became a lot of fun
    I watch her every move by the day
    Knowing soon she'll be my prey ...
  • A Senseless Man
    I should have took a different approach
    a different direction
    He took me for granted
    He took my prize without permission ...
  • More Than I Ever Could
    How we laughed, played and fooled around
    Chasing each other, how I held you down
    Made promises to me you never kept
    One minute we fine than Im something you just neglect ...
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