Bright and beautiful are the lights
Up above the roads on both ends
People flock in great numbers
Here and there many shoppers
Standing to ogle and take photos
Gazing in wonder the decorations
Intricately made masterpieces
Majestic peacocks and elephants
Stand atop regally at the entrance
Lakshmi sits on a padma or lotus
Propitiously showering gold coins
Lord Vishnu’s wife holds blossoms
Resplendent in a saree she smiles
Her welcoming gaze mesmerises
Flanked by the celestial animals
Celebrating the Festival of Lights
Deepavali in Little India dazzles
Twinkling hanging coloured lights
Collaborate with the street lamps
Brighten a night that’s moonless
Illuminating slow moving vehicles
While people mill around shops
For unsold price-reduced goodies
Selling sweet-meat and groceries
And spicy Indian food restaurants
Offering gastronomical pleasures
Usually served on banana leaves
Serangoon road Deepavali night’s
A-not-to-be missed experience
Where the soul of Deepavali lives!