Sonnet 9: Queen Virtue's Court Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Queen Virtue's court which some call Stella's faceA
Prepar'd by Nature's choicest furnitureB
Hath his front built of alabaster pureC
Gold in the covering of that stately placeA
The door by which sometimes comes forth her GraceA
Red porphir is which lock of pearl makes sureC
Whose porches rich which name of cheeks endureC
Marble mix'd red and white do interlaceA
The windows now through which this heav'nly guestD
Looks o'er the world and can find nothing suchE
Which dare claim from those lights the name of bestD
Of touch they are that without touch doth touchE
Which Cupid's self from Beauty's mine did drawF
Of touch they are and poor I am their strawF

Sir Philip Sidney


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