Sonnet 66: And Do I See Some Cause Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


And do I see some cause a hope to feedA
Or doth the tedious burden of long woeB
In weaken'd minds quick apprehension breedA
Of every image which may comfort showB
I cannot brag of word much less of deedA
Fortune wheels still with me in one sort slowB
My wealth no more and no whit less my needA
Desire still on the stilts of Fear doth goB
And yet amid all fears a hope there isC
Stol'n to my heart since last fair night nay dayD
Stella's eyes sent to me the beams of blissE
Looking on me while I look'd other wayD
But when mine eyes back to their heav'n did moveF
They fled with blush which guilty seem'd of loveG

Sir Philip Sidney


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