Finally saw the use of the rat poison I bought
Feel like pouring it in my tea or drink
I already know that I won't be missed
But honestly
Who would miss a hideous freak?

Finally saw the use of the rat poison I bought

People asked if I was okay
And i replied with a yes
I almost believed my own lies
Until reality came back

Every time I close my eyes I see a dark paradise
With no worries or problems
Tempted to close my eyes forever
I'm ready to meet my maker
Hopefully he'll accept me

I honestly don't know why I'm writing this
Because no one really cares
It's sweet how people clap their hands when I wish to die
I ask myself if they clapnwhen I'm dead
Maybe I'll get noticed and get a round of applause

Wrote a letter on my wrist
Hopefully they'll see it

Hopefully they'll care once I'm dead
Fed up with lying
The fake smile I put in my face
The dumb emojis I send to people

I was never good at goodbyes
But hopefully I'm clear
Just like how I cleared my future

Sweet sound of death is calling
My heart is pounding
My head is dizzy
My brain going crazy


by me (sun.the poet )

See you all on the other side