Childhood is to be cherished forever,
Full of zeal, zest and fervour

Laughter, joy and lots of fun,
Always loved and shunned by none

Filled with innocence, love and selflessness,
Childhood has no jealousy, no hatred
It has only smiles and naughtiness,
And kindness everywhere to spread

Father aids at each and every step,
Eating, studying and playing with pep

Doting mother cuddles all the time,
Her sweet voice that sounds like chime

Grandparents that shower blessing and affection,
Pamper with chocolates, toys and protection

Intense playtime and there are no stress or worries,
Calling it a day with bedtime stories

Dancing, singing and running carefree ,
Shouting, joking is such a spree

Playing hide and seek and many a game,
Swings, marbles, jumping ropes are few to name

Enjoy your childhood with pleasure immense ,
It is a lovely world where stress makes no sense