When the world is at rest,
It’s time to sit back and reflect ,
On the follies of man ,
His destructive and catastrophic acts

While the world is struggling to contain the virus ,
Nature takes over with all its admirers ,
Now the air is cleaner,
And the earth is greener

Birds are chirping ,
Squirrels are jumping ,
Oceans are breathing ,
And rivers are purer ,

Seems the nature is in the process of healing ,
Smiling with joy , it’s eyes are gleaming ,

The sun is shining with all its might ,
Yes!! it is a more luminous night ,
The moon and stars are shining bright ,
As the layers of pollutants are not blocking the light ,

The hustle and bustle of city has come to a halt ,
The nature springs back to life with a jolt ,

Though the time is tough,
The phase is rough,
But it’s a matter of concern,
And a lesson to learn ,

Be slower and kind,
And use your mind ,
Only focus on necessity,
Shun the greed and cruelty ,

God is giving us a chance to change our destiny ,
Please save the humanity and a healthier environment for your future progeny.