I used to think that children
could never look clumsy,
or out of place
in this big wide world
they will always have
their innocent charm
and a place in every heart

I used to think that their cheeky smiles
their funny antics and little games
have reasons of their own
the reasons that we need not know

I used to think that their words,
their thoughts and wishes come from God
and they themselves came from heaven
to make this world a better place

But when sometimes passion runs foul
in blasts of empty rage
I see them pinned to a wall
or hiding behind doors and sofas
I see that then they look clumsy too

And when they struggle to understand
The questions that they need not even ask
O, yes, they look clumsy too

As if, in this big wide world
They have come to be
Contrary to the will of gods