The Native Place Of The Sun Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In the countries of my wordsA
Where the sun does not setB
There are only daysC
In which the godsD
Wearing crowns of sweatB
Take sun bathsE
There are no starry forestsF
Where darkness reignsG
My eyes when closed are sleeping applesH
When open my eyeballs are golden cornI
Swinging on sheafsH
Even my snores disturbJ
The sleep of the universeH
From the smoke of my wars riseH
the faces of poemsH
Frightened by the roar of my voiceH
poets that hang to the pegs of timeK
Fly away like crowsH
When I walk my steps are like the thunder boltsH
that gallop in the cloudsH
If I lift my hand it is a burning flameL
If I drop it is the eveningM
from which a thousand rays hangN
My body is the eternal fireO
It is the native place of the sunP
In the light that I spreadQ
questions leave to your highwaysH
Tread by mid noonsH
and run searching for the worlds of darknessH
The sun which ascends the horizonP
every dayR
If I wishS
I can get him to ascend my fingerO
As a ringM
Seshendra SharmaT
http seshendrasharma weebly comU

Seshendra Sharma
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/18/2020


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