We enter a chapter in history when facing life
Is a greater problem than facing death. And a still more
Frightening problem that we should all join together and sing
Laurels to the life doled out to us.

In my country a dead body narrates better about life than the living.
What can a ship, moving on even keel upon the sea tell us
About the depths and dangers of the ocean or the character of waves?
We should only ask the wrecked ship, washed off to the shore,
To know the real story-

O poet, don’t hang your so soon to the wall like weapons after war,
Be ready with the biggest of your guns, the sikharini metre or
Sardoola metre. Whet your words on the stone properly
And keep them ready for singing the impending epic. Find out
How many guns distant is your enemy’s chest-
If your voice thunders glasses and windows
In his chest should rattle. These are not days when you
Feed his dreams; these are the days when gorilla is
Dreaming hungrily for him.

Though chains have gathered heavily around the feet,
Flags have filled the sky in millions-
-Seshendra Sharma