Shaped like a heart of a worrier
Paved in art and culture.
Sorrow in the eyes of a lot of fathers
from the departure of.their fathers, Left to rest in the 70's penny hustle.
Landscape so tall over man made skyscrapers.
To those of you who know not the name, Welcome to Africa

My Africa

The upcoming sun peeks from beneath the clouds.
It does this so patiently you could take a moment
For that moment, The birds sing from theirs nest. A lot of people never really could see nature.
Corporations see a tree, they see a extra roll of toilet paper
But beneath the tall bunch of amarula trees rests an elephant
Feeding its mouth from its trunk
A animal that symbolizes care for nature. Gunned for a site of nature
The mountains Ecco the cries
But help only comes when dialed
Is this what we've come to my Africa?

Africa is Diverse in completion
Programmed for competition by western customs,
they boarder unity. The grasp of our roots from the moist country soul looses its grip.
Our own cultures no longer has value.
If our fathers great grandfather were here alive to witness this tragedy, They would raise their sons better, Breathe to them the truth of life To carry down upon us.
But our fathers breathe fire like mythical creatures.
I can't say I blame them because they were oppressed. Stripped of all human qualities thy became like dragons
is this what we've come to my Africa?