Senzo Nene Poems

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    Be the pillar is so long desired.
    when she calls make me to my desires, its been awhile
    since i had a conversation with my papers. I can say say i lost all connection with the world
    abandoned communication using words, its bound to happen when you open up your rib
  • 2.  
    As I path down these chartered streets of city Johannesburg. I most definitely feel the air curling
    from the dead souls that wonder around. Sometimes you could visualize them moving with the piles of plastics lifting them above ground. A city with no sea filled with people who claim they see the truth for what it really is.
    Yet become so busy during the course of the day they forget the sole purpose of life, to live.
    Called upon as city of jewelry, it's crust open and left dried out of resources.
  • 3.  
    Shaped like a heart of a worrier
    Paved in art and culture.
    Sorrow in the eyes of a lot of fathers
    from the departure of.their fathers, Left to rest in the 70's penny hustle.
  • 4.  
    scavenging blood rest chest
    all life's battles written on hear peak
    through the stormy weathers they say
    color losses its touch
  • 5.  
    Saturday morning,not even the a single bird sings its acapella.
    the buttercups seem to hang from their stem as if they submit to life.
    from the looks of things the heads couldn't resist the rising cold
    the water combined together as a collective. for warmth.
  • 6.  
    Dripping drop of rain shadow my view.
    While the fog turns the spectacles pail, It becomes
    hard for me to see.although its been decades, I still remember the outside as if i have been
    the fancy walks in suits rushing to the train station, A newspaper symbolized
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